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London is the capital city of the United kingdom. It's one of largest cities of the world. It has about 10 million inhabitants and it's situated on the river Thames in south-east England. Town was founded as a Roman settlement. The great fire in 1666 destroyed almost all the city. At present it is modern city with all-in, what civilization's rise brings.

In London we find many historical buildings. I will speak only about most famous. The Houses of Parliament are in gothic style, but were built only between 1840-1852 after the old building burnt down. The only part which escaped the fire was Westminster Hall. There is also a famous clock-tower with Big Ben and it's characteristic bell-ringing. Downing Street is the official home of British Prime Ministers since 1731.Now there lives Tony Blair - leader of Labour Party. Westminster Abbey was founded in the 11th century. Britain's Kings and Queens are crowned here. England's greatest poets, artists and other famous people are buried here in the Poet's Corner. The Abbey was built in gothic style. It is place of royal weddings too. St. Paul's Cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in the world. It stands in the City. It was designed by Christopher Wren and it was built in 17th century. During the World War II. cathedral was damaged by German's bombs. The city is the oldest part of London. It's situated around St. Paul cathedral . The city was founded by Romans in 43 AC. There are many banks (I think, the most important is Bank of England) and offices here. In the center is situated a lot of shops and shopping centers.

The Tower was built in the 11th century. It served as royal palace first, then prison and fortress. There is museum now. The Crown Jewels guarded by Beefeaters in their traditional uniforms are kept here. Tower Bridge is one of most famous symbols of London. It was built only in last century. It can open in the middle an let large ships go through. Near Tower Bridge we find warship Admiral Nelson, which guarded London during World War II. Trafalgar square was named after Admiral's Nelson's victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Nelson's statue is situated on a high column. The square with it's fountains is a very popular place for various meetings and demonstrations. At Trafalgar square is situated National Gallery too. In this gallery we can see many famous pictures and sculptures from European's artist of the past. The British museum is the largest museum in the world.

We can see collections of minerals and animals there. There are collections of Greek and Roman arts too. It's interesting, that we find there collection of drawing from our Vaclav Hollar, who lived in London a long time. Next famous square is Piccadilly circus - for its advertising lighting panels. Buckingham palace is the Queen's residence in London. Around palace is fine park. It is nice place for relaxation. One of the biggest London's parades is Changing the Guard here. The Post office Tower is the tallest building in Great Britain . It's nearly 190m high. Near London is situated Windsor - next Queen's residence. It is nice castle with beautiful park and neighbor. London has a lot of specialties, such as typical London's taxi or busses. I think, even we find in London a lot of nice historical buildings, it isn't so nice town. I visited London before 2 years and I took a view of Westminster Abbey, Tower and Windsor, but I think, our Prague is nicer.
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