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Today era bring us many kinds of media. I begin with the oldest kind of media. So, one of the oldest are newspapers. First newspapers appear in 17th century, after Johaness Gutenberg discovered printing in 1450. We can divided newspapers to several groups from their sight. We know newspapers general (such as Mlada Fronta), special (such as Computer World), funny (such as Dikobraz). We can find many information in this media In newspapers is many columns with articles and this make-up is very good for reading. Interesting articles have big headings and these headings use special bold font. Some pages are used to advertising of companies or peoples. Majority of media is financed from advertising. I prefer rather newspapers with technical sights such as Computer World or Computer. I like articles about new technologies and articles with reviews of computer's products. Continuators of newspapers are magazines. They have same sights as newspapers, but they are printed on better paper then newspapers and they issue in month's period. I read special magazines, such as Chip or Software's news. These magazines have about 200 pages full of news form world of computer's technologies. One of my favourite parts of these magazine's is column Tip's and column Practise. Some magazines companion CD ROM's with demonstration's version of software, which is reviewed in issue.

Next important media are radio and television. I begin with radio. This media is distributed during radio waves. Transmission contents news, music, advertising or some funny programmes. In Czech Republic exist many radio's stations, we can divided them to two groups - to state and private. One of state's stations is Radiozurnal. I prefer private stations, because I like music and relaxation. One of my favourite is Nova Alfa or Radio Most.
Majority of people but prefer television. This media is very young, first TV transmission was in our republic in 1954. Now exist many TV channels. We can divided them, such as radio stations, to two groups. First group are state channels, such as Czech Television with her two channels - Czech Television 1 and 2. These channel are financed from charge, which we pay for each TV box in our flats. Main task of these channel is inform and educate people. Next part of channels are channels private. In Czech republic exist two private's channels - Nova and Prima. These channels are financed from advertising. Next group of channels are satellite's channels. I can appoint from famous Music Television - famous MTV. Special group are cable's channels. Me must pay monthly charge, if we can watch these channels. I can appoint from famous channel HBO.

Today era bring us many technological innovations, and so we discovered new kinds of media. One of the youngest is Internet. It is international network of computers. Some computers - called servers - are used to share information. Thanks service World Wide Web we can using our web client view information placed on web's pages. These pages contains text and graphics and are connected with site of hypertext jumps between pages. For example, if I want know facts about expedition to Mars, I write to my web client address of NASA server and in 2 seconds I have on my computer screen page with required facts. Each internet user have own email address and so I can send letter to my friends in USA in minute. We can talk during this network in real time. In United states have internet connection many families, but our monopolistic Telecom defend it's price expansion of Internet.
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