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Richard Dean Anderson: Biography
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Richard Dean AndersonRichardDean Anderson is best known as MacGyver, the hero who solved problemsin this own unique way for seven successful seasons on ABC. In hisroles before and since, this gifted actor has continued todemonstrate his remarkable talent and versatility.Richardwas born on January 23, 1950 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His father,Stuart Anderson, taught English, drama, and humananities at a localhigh school, and is a jazz bassist. His mother, Jocelyn, is anartist, talented in both paiting and sculpture. Richard is the eldestof four sons. He and his brothers, Jeffrey Scott, Thomas John andJames Stuart, grew up in the Minneapolis suburb of Roseville, whereRichard developed early interests in sports, the arts, music andacting. Richarddreamed of becoming a professional hockey player. However,at the age of 16, he broke both arms. He playing in high schoolhockey games. He put aside his dreams of playing professionally. Atthe age of 17, he took a 5641 mile bicycle trip from his home inMinnesota through Canada and Alaska.He studied drama at St. Cloud StateUniversity and at Ohio University. His travels took him briefly toNew York City, and he spent some time experiencing the culturalrevolution of the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, beforefinally settling in Los Angeles. There he worked as a street mime andjuggler, and as a jester-singer at a Renaissance-style cabaret. Hisjob included holding fish in his mouth. In1985 Richard was cast in his signature role as MacGyver,on ABC.

He has told the story of how he won the role. He had beencalled in for an audition, and asked to "cold read" anunfamiliar script. MacGyver ran for seven successful years, andcontinues to enjoy popularity all around the world.
AsMacGyver came to an end, Richard and his partner, Michael Greenburg,had signed an overall deal with Paramount Pictures to develop andproduce several films and series for television for their ownproduction company, Gekko Film Corp. In their first project, Richardacted as both star and executive producer of two MacGyver movies fortelevision, both of which were filmed in London in 1993. MacGyver:Lost Treasure of Atlantisand MacGyver:Trail to Doomsdayaired in 1994 to critical acclaim. Hefollowed this success by joining with MGM/UA and Showtime televisionin a joint deal with Gekko Film Corp toproduce and star in the new science fiction series StargateSG-1,based on the 1994 movie. His new series began production in Vancouverin February of 1997, and debuted to outstanding ratings onShowtime on July 27, 1997.Richardloves to travel, and he has retained his love for music and the arts.He enjoys collecting art, with his tastes running from the FrenchImpressionists to the more modern.

He continues to play the guitar,and has even tried his hand at composing, including the originalpiece. He has expressed his appreciation for both classical music andjazz, as well as the country-rock guitar style of artists. An avidsports fan, he indulges his passions for hockey, skiing, baseball,sky diving, cycling, and auto racing whenever possible. He enjoysfast cars and motorcycles, and owns, among others, both a 1000ccHarley-Davidson Sportster and a black Acura NSX. He has participatedin the Toyota Celebrity Long Beach Grand Prix twice, as well asvarious other racing events around the country. He has a passion forskiing, and can often be found on the ski slopes, both in his offtime, and for numerous celebrity events for charity. As a huge fan ofice hockey, he is one of the founders of the Celebrity All StarHockey team, a collection of hockey enthusiasts from the sports andentertainment worlds, who play in NHL cities throughout the countryfor charity. In 1988 and 1992, Richard was chosen to be the honorarycaptain of Team USA, the United States Olympic hockey team, and hetakes pride in his opportunities to become an ambassador for thesport….
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