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A good life
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Everybody wants to have a good life. But how? We need many things:
PEACE. Peace is very good beacause many people die in wars. People are angry and they kill their enemies- it isn't good.
FUN. Everybody likes it. Children hate boring films. They wanted laughter- they need fun. People are happy when they play computer games or play musical instruments. Young people like music- it's very interesting and loud.

FOOD. Many people die in the poor countries like India. They die because they are hungry but people in Europe and America eat expensive food and drink fizzy drinks. African pople don't know about Sprite or Coca-Cola. They aren't very happy without food.
EDUCATION. Everybody wants be clever. Students can get university degrees and then they can be doctors or lawyers. They can get a lot of money and have beautiful houses with swimmping pools. Some pople hate reading books but some people love it.
Everybody will be happy with: peace, food, fun and education.
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