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Food and drink
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1.What are the main diferences between the dishes cerved in the school counteen and home ?

the food in home is more healthy
it´s more delicious

2.Does eating mean much to you?
Eating mean lot off for life, because, when we not eat, we died. The food supply to our body lot off minerals,vitamins,albumen,fat, and sugars what the our body need to life.

3.Discribe one of your favourite eating places ?
Home – because it´s more healthy and I eat what I want and it´s cheapest then eat in the restaurant
any places – school counteen, restaurants, fast foods, cafés, buffets, shopping centres,

4.What is the diference between meals in our country and those in England?
England : the breakfast is at 7 – 8 o´clock
the lunch is at 12 o´clock – it´s cold
the dinner is at 4 o´clock, when they came home – it´s hot
the support is at 6 – 7 o´clock – it´s cold

Slovakia : the breakfast we had at 7 – 8 o´clock
the elevens is at 10 o´clock ( for elevens we had sandwich )
the lunch is at 12 o ´clock - it´s hot
the tea is at 3 o´ clock ( for tea we had some fruits and a cup of tea )
the support is at 6 – 7 o´clock – it´s hot
The typical english breakfast are cereals, corn flakes, fibre – rich food, ham and eggs, bacon, coffe, tea, orange duice ....They had for lunch only cold food, for example – hamburgers,fish and chips and coca-cola, - so fast food, because they are in the work. At 4 o´clock afternoon they came home and then they had hot dinner. For dinner they had poultry, beaf, lamb, legumes, fish, rice, paste... And the support is cold too, for support they had salad.

For Slovakia is typical breakfast musli, yoghurt, cereals, with milk or eggs, bacon and orange duice. For elevens we had sandwiches. For lunch we had soup and the second meal is for example, chiken with rice or potatos, fried chees with chips, fried brief with rice or potatos, legumes ... For tea we had some fruits and tea. For support we had poultry, salad, so food what is easily digestible.
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