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Pribina - (800? - 860/861) The first ever known Slavic ruler - duke coming from Slovakia. He seated in Nitra and built the first church in Slovakia. After he was forced to flee from Nitra, he was baptised in Traismauer - today´s Austria. Then he shortly stayed at Bulgars and Croatians. In 840 king Louis The German granted to Pribina a part of his territory called Pannonia. Pribina ruled as a duke here and built a dosen new churches.
Koceľ - (? - 876) - Pribina´s son, born in Nitra. After Pribina´s death he ruled in Pannonia principality. He was zealous supporter spreading Slavic liturgy.
Svätopluk - (? - 894) - When Rastislao ruled over Great Moravia he was apanage duke in Nitra, in chronicles regnum Zuentibaldi. Later he became king of the whole Great Moravia and during his reign was GM of the largest territory.

sts. Cyril a Methodius - They are co-patrons of Europe along with St. Benedict of Nursia. A part of the relics of St. Cyril are kept in Nitra castle.
st. Gorazd - born close to Nitra in Močenok. He was a Great moravian priest and Methodius appointed him to be successor at teaching young clergymen. Later he was expelled from GM with his disciples and his next steps are not known.
st. Svorad-Andrej - (? - 1032) - a hermit, known also as St. Andrew Zoerard. Svorad might come from Liptov (a northern part of Slovakia) in benedictine monastery in Zobor and adopted name Andrej. He became a hermit living near Zobore monastery. There is a small cave at the foot of Zobor hill above former monastery which is called Svorad´s cave. The famous hermit might live here.
st. Benedikt - (? - 1043) - a monk of Zobor monastery and follower of Svorad. Svorad and Benedikt were canonized in 1083 as the first saints of Hungarian kingdom during the reign of King Ladislao I.

Maurus (1001 - 1070) - born probably in Nitra. He was abbot in Pannonhalma monastery and in 1042 became bishop in Pécs. He is the author of the first hungarian legend - Legend of Svorad and Benedikt.
In time of creating Hungarian kingdom Nitra turned to be an administrative center of Nitra zhupa (county) and first men at the head between 1029 - 1111 were:
Bukven of house of Poznan, Poznan was a famous Slovak family

Zachariáš Mošóci - Mošovský - Bishop in Nitra in 1582 - 1587. He was one of the most educated people of his era. He is the author, along with Pécs bishop Mikuláš Telegdy, of Hungarian body of laws, published in 1584.
Ján Telegdy - eminent Bishop in Nitra (1611 - 1644) in 17th century . Since Bishops in the previous era applied for the townsfolk new duties and charges, took care of confirming royal privileges to the town at Emperor Ferdinand II and regulated relations between burghers and Bishopric. He also gave massive finances into building. In those years Bishop´s Palace, Middle Church with spire was built. Also he built a new church with a monastery for Franciscans in 1630.
Juraj Pohronec Selepčéni - (1595 - 1685), being born in Slepčany close to Nitra. Bishop and zhupan of Nitra and Hungarian Chancelor (1644 - 1666). In 1666 he became Archbishop of Esztergom. He ranked among the most prominent people in then Hungary.
Alexander Rudnaj - (1760 - 1831), studied in Nitra, too. He was archbishop in Esztergom (1819-31). The foundation stone of the present building in Esztergom was laid by Alexander Rudnay. He always pointed out he is Slovak, supported publishing Slovak books and was a prominent member of Slovak Society of Scholars (see below).
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