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American Chopper History

Chopper motobikes were born in the heart of USA, in Milwokee. This is a dream of every american to have a Harley Davidson or a similar chopper type of motobike. But because they are very expensive, it takes a lot of time and work while a man can buy them.

The bikes kept evolving through the 60´s and in the 70´s and they started to call them "Choppers". Henry Ford unveiled the Ford Motor Company range of cars for the 1932 model year, because that car was the first to have a FordV8 engine, and with it was born Hot Rodding and Customising as we know it today. People wanted a Chopper and nobody was building them so they had to go build them themselves. Harley Davidson is best known in the biker world. Chopper aren´t back, they have been around for forty years.

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