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Hi my friend,
How are you?I´m very well.I write to you from Italy-Rome.It is a great.We are accommodate in hotel with suisse table & hotel service.Hotel is on the beach.I´m room view on sea.I´m on room with my two best friends Monikou & Lenkou.
Every day we go see on historical memento.We were in Koloseum yesterday.today we were on Vatican city known as Vatican.There are visite square sv.peter & Cathedral sv.peter.In Vatican is interesting vatican museums,Sixtine chapel or Guverner palace.Nicest for me was Angelic castle.Next we had go to Benatk,but finally we visited a pope.Visited a pope was as last historical memento from our trip.Remaining days somebody go on the beach & somebody go shopping.It is a pity,that you isn´t here.

Italy kitchen is the best.Specials is a spaghetty with ketchup & cheese.
Sea is very clean with little varied fish.It is a pity,that only three days I will in Italy.I must buy a gift for Dana & our parents,but for U I will buy very interesting gift.There are many little shops. Rome is beautiful city.
your sinceraly

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