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Informal letter
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Mount Everest
21. 1. 2005

Hi Claire,

How are you? What about your holiday? Are you going on a safari to Africa or has your plan changed? I hope you won’t have to stay at home.

Anyway, we are camping in the Himalayas far away from the civilization. There’s snow everywhere I look and my eyes really hurt from that bright white colour. On the third day here a terrible snow storm started and it made a hole in our tent so we have to sleep in a tent with food- can you believe it?

Well, we go trekking every day and in the evening we are all exhausted. It’s incredible that we haven’t gone climbing yet, isn’t it? Yesterday we walked too far from the route. After a few hours we finally found the way, but our guide got lost. Isn’t it ironic? He returned in the evening with frostbite, so he can’t lead our treks.

In addition, people here are very strange. Lucy spends all the time in her tent and she refused to go trekking. Kyle is addicted to television and he’s desperate that there isn’t any. Stan is always hungry and he has eaten all our sweets.

Well, I have to finish, because I’m so tired that I can’t hold the pen. Write back soon. I’ll come home on Friday, I hope. You can tell me all your news and I hope your holiday is better than mine.

All the best,

P.S.: I gave Stan your adresse, he wants to write you.
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