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Environmental problems
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Every country has its own environmental problems, somewhere there are problems with the hole in the ozone layer (Australia), somewhere there is too much rubbish in the streets (India), somewhere are destroyed forests for the high quality wood (along the Amazon’s), somewhere there are problems with the releasing poison into the rivers (Ukraine), or with the big smog in the cities - air pollution (London).

In our country there are some problems too, but I think, that the most important problem is with the pollution in streets, because some “cultural” people don’t know, that the rubbish belongs into the bin, not in nature. Some people don’t think about our future and waste some rubbish not only in streets, but even in protected zones. I think that is horrible and it is the most terrible when they do it in front of my eyes. The European Union established containers to collect selected rubbish for 3 – 5 years ago, and they put the containers for selected rubbish in our village only last week for my big surprise. WOW

Every kind of rubbish has its own colour, e.g. plastic bottles belong into the yellow container, glasses into the blue container, etc.
Now it depends only at us, if we will save the nature, because only thus we can recycle the rubbish. Then we can reuse the materials, which we once used. There are some technologies that can change rubbish into something different and useful.
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