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George Mikes: How to be an Alien
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This book is about one man, who went to England and discovered, that in England everything is different. The writer wrote for example: how to be clever, how to be rude, than that English people love more their cats or dogs than their families, or if you want to have a good accent you have to hold a pipe or a cigar in your mouth, to speak trought your teeth and finish all your sentences with the question: isn't it? When Europeans make tea, theyput sugar and lemon to make it good taste, British put cold milk and no sugar into it......

It's easy to be rude in Europe. You just shout and call people animal names. To be very rude, you can make up terrible stories about them. In England people are rude in a very different way. When they want to be terribly rude, things to say are: „I'm affraid that...” or „How strange that...” and you must look very serious, when you say these things...

In this look there are no positive or negative characters...
I wouldn't reccomend this book to others, because personally I think it's not funny, it's rude and it doesn't have a sense. OK, there are things, which are good, when you go to England, for example what to do or what don't have to do, ....... ,but it's a bit boring book.....
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