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Ice skating
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Ice - skating is very estetical sport. it is a dance upon ice in skates. We can dance it independent or in a couple. They were wear very pretty and estetical dresses. Girls wear very pretty short dresses with glitters. In their dances , they have some rules , wich they must done, for example they´ve must done some jump. The same is concern couple, the man don´t may blow up the girl above their heads.

The base jumps are:tripple lux, double lux, double axel and balance. The other motions and a music they can select alone. The music can be classic or modern, folk or national in accordance with their taste. Dance each of boys, girls or a couple can be scoring by jury, wich can scored to point 6. They often scored with decimal numbers. The result is well – read. They scoring a technical and estetical proportion. Each contenders are very impatiens for result, but us are rather important estetical experience.
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