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I just need to go pee!
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No Name Airport, Paris…I’m running with a group of my friends from XYZ agency and we are trying to find the right gate, Number 6. We thrust ourselves through the crowds of people and they stare angrily at us…finally, we find the right gate and my group breaks apart. I stay with my friend, Maja. As we settle into our crowded seats, we expect a very long thirteen-hour flight to Los Angeles.

I sit between Maja and an old grumpy lady. I smile at her, but she just looks at me…finally, we fly! The steward brings some food-we can choose, chicken or fish, rice or potatoes, water or coke…Oh, man! Nature calls me… I stand up. With a polite, “Excuse me,” I address the grumpy lady. She only picks up her feet then looks at me politely. I try again, “Excuse me, again. ” She doesn’t move, so I settle in comfortably. I finish my drink, and then I spend almost 2 hours sleeping.

Suddenly, I wake. “I need to go to bathroom,” I think. I am looking at the lady. She is sleeping. What am I going to do? Should I wake her or try to jump over her? I choose the second alternative. I create a weird figure like Neo in the film The Matrix. Suddenly, I touch her with my knee. She jumps out of her seat: “What happened?” The stewardess asks me, “What happened?” Everybody looks at me with question marks in their eyes. “I just need to go pee! ” I say. On my way back to my seat, I look at the floor trying to avoid the curious faces. I have 9 more hours…hmm… If I don’t drink anything then I will stay in my seat all the rest of the time. I’m sitting, counting hours…and I’m thirsty! At last, the flight is over! Like a winner I exit the plane and run to the Los Angeles bathroom.

I feel better! I stand and wait for my luggage when suddenly I see the lady from the plane waiting with her friend. She looks as if she is explaining something. I’m curious. Hiding my face I creep near and listen like a mouse. The grumpy lady is speaking about me- “She irritated me all the time,” she said. “Teenagers are always so inconsiderate.” I’m in awe only looking straight and can’t say a word. I’m leaving when suddenly I turn around and see in front of me an old rich lady with big red hat. But it’s too late…I thrust at her and her expensive hat drops on the floor. She starts yelling at me, “This hat cost more than your ticket!” My grumpy “friend” from the plane turns around too and shouts, “It’s her!”

I’m ashamed and white like a ghost. What did I do? Hmmm…I guess everything started with-“Oh, man! Nature calls me…”
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