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Leaving school
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From when I went to the basic school I always thought about a moment when I´ll have to leave the school and my friends and start from the beginning at a new school.
I had no idea what I want to do in my life. My father is an engineer, so he suggested that I might follow in his footsteps. I made it past the exams and they took me to the engineering school. I was glad I made it, but it was hard for me to leave my past life behind and forget everything. I made a few friends, but that school was horrible. I didn´t like the teachers, because they always looked down at us. Five was a common mark, so I decided I don´t want to continue there. I didn´t even know if I would be able to finish it. I didn´t know what to do next.

Then one day, my father asked me if Idon´t want to go to the secondary school for nurses. I had no idea what is this school about, but he told me there isn´t a lot of mathematics and physics, so I took the oportunity. I didn´t really have much in terms of choices, actually. Only after I came to school I realized, there will be only two of us – boys in class. The rest are girls. I was pretty shocked at the time. But I got used to it and now I´m glad it is the way it is. I don´t talk to them a lot, but I have two very good friends.
And now after four years I have to leave the school and go to college. I feel the same way as I did before. I don´t want to loose my friends. I knew from the beginning that it´s going to end up like this. I lost many friends before, I thought I got used to it, but I didn´t. I leke the life I have now, I don´t want to change anything.

It would have been best if I could be alone for a whole life. If you don´t have anyone, you have no one to loose. You have to depend on yourself, not on the others. But it doesn´t work that way. You can´t live alone. And it´s impossible to be in a class and don´t have any friends. Sooner or later you´ll find some, but you always have to keep thinking about a day when it will end. Nothing lasts forever. Your parents who raised you, looked after you for your whole life can disappear from day to day, your friends who you lived with for years can vanish as easily. The girl you love so much that you would gladly give your life for her, you might never see again. Loosing the loved ones is the worst thing in life.
If I make it to college, I know I´ll make a new friends. And after six years of study we´ll have to say goodbye. That cycle will continue for the rest of the life.
The moment never returns. Nothing lasts forever. All that remains are memories.
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