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Stephen Hawking: Biography
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Stephen Hawking is a reputable scientist known in every country of the world. He was born on 8th January 1942 in Oxford (exactly 300 years after Galileo Galiley´s death). His family lived alternately in Oxford and in London. When he was 8, his family moved to St.Albans, a town 32 kms to North from London.

After ending of St.Albans school he went to the Oxford University. Altough his father wanted Stephen to study medicine, Stephen decided to learn more about the Universe and he studied physics. After 3 years he went to Cambridge, where he got doctor´s degree in teoretical physics. This branch of science deals with atoms and other elemental particles.

Already during the first years of his studying, doctors diagnosed him amyotrofic lateral sclrosis. I tis a illness, when whole body becomes paralysed and usualy patient dies. However, Stephen Hawking was lucky and he survived; he can not read or write, he can not speak and he is permanently a wheelchair user. But his brain is still working and so he answers the most difficult questions of the present physics.

From 1985, he communicates only by computer, which is joined with his brain (so we can say, that Mr. Hawking is a half robot- half man). He has also written his popular books on this computer. Here are the titles of some of them: The Illistrated A Brief History of Time,Black Holes and the Future of the Universe, The Universe in a Nutshell.

Stephen Hawking was selected as a member of the Royal community. In London in 1974. He is also Lucasian professor of maths in Cambridge from 1979. Isaac Newton was also Lucasian professor of maths in Cambridge before more than 300 years, and Stephen Hawking is as successful scientist as Newton once was.
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