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This is a person who influenced my life
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I think teh person who influenced my life is my best friend Marek because he is only 23 years old and he is very successful young boy.
We first met after my holiday in Greece 3 years ago. He comes from Trnava. Marek is tall and slim good looking man with brown hair and blue eyes. His parents died when he was only 5 years and he started to live with his grandmother. He studied on grammar school and he graduated at City university in Bratislava one year ago. He is very good in japan and russian language and he speaks English fluently.

He is very honest and friendly person who helps me with all the problems I have. We used to spend a lot of time together by speaking about problems of ours families, with love or problems in chool.

Now he is working in the one of the most popular companies in the USA ane builts his career.
I think Marek is very successful, favourite and crazy young boy with big heart who taught me that even that we all have problems, life can be still amazing and full of joy.
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