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Someone is afraid of spiders, other abhors hight, aeroplanes or crowded rooms. Althought the fear is unavoidable part of our lives but in some people expands to uncontrollable sizes. There is known about 500 phobias and their cure is successful. Phobias includes more than 10% of people in the world which is almost one billion people.

Phobia, a special and very strong fear of something or some situation where the person imagines potential danger. Unlike ordinary fear which can be kept under the control, phobia invade ordinary mental actions and appears suddenly. Often the person who has a phobia does some ritual actions which would have to help remove the phobia, sweats, has acceleraed pulse etc. Inteligent people suffer from phobia more. Every 10th person has some kind of phobia but the number is increasing. The reason of creation the phobia can be bad experience from childhood or some event in past which can fix and appears in the future. The accure of phobia is more probably at people whose parents had it. Psychologists divide phobias into three parts: social phobias, accesses of panic fear and specific phobias.

Claustrophobia – it is a fear of clossing vessels ( lift, solarium,...)The person is not scared of absence of air but of the thought if something would happened it would be possible to get out off the space.

Agoraphobia –is the oposite of Claustrophobia. It is a fear of opened space as streets, large rooms (not only with area but also with high ceiling) where the escape can be harder. The person who has this phobia does not travel and does not want to leave well-known areas, moves close to walls and is scared of going through the street.

It is obvious to understend if someone is afraid of animals, highs or any other common fears. But there are also such phobias which and it is more complicated to understand the reason of the fear and they can seem slightly funny. It can be for example Ablutophobia - fear of washing or bathing, Cathisophobia- fear of sitting, Xenoglossophobia- fear of foreign languages, Alektorophobia- fear of chickens, Alliumphobia- fear of garlic or the most interesting is Phobophobia- fear of phobias.

Even thoug it is well known what is phobia people who have this psychical illness are not always understood in our society. Not everyone understand the real meaning of phobia and they often think that it is only a great and, what is more shocking, foolish fear of nothing. Than their ignorance can have very big price because the people who have phobia may feel repulsed and enclose to themselfs what leads to another problem.

People who have this problem are often sure that this psychical problem have just they, no one can help them and it is impossible to cure. They also thing that if they avoid the things or places where the phobia shows it will end. But the cure may be succesfull if it is held under the control of specialist who is experienced and able to sense the thinking of the patient. Scientist in Canadian University of Quebec discovered that computer games can be used to cure the phobia and American scientists reputedly discovered the gen of fear and this discovery should to help.

Some phobias may interfere essentially people lives. Everyone tries to satisfy with their own phobia, for example avoids the situations where it comes out or muffle showing with alcohol and tablets. But there are also the luckiest who had realised their problem and shared it with somebody and they are doing their best to liquidate their worst enemy – fear.
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