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Since and technology
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In prehistoric times people could find everything they needed in the nature. Then people started chainging their world.
- It started, when they invented the wheel(koleso) and they started transporting goods and trading(obchoovanie) with precoius materials(vzácne materiály).
- They learnt how to use water for energy, they builted water mills and later wind mils (vodné a veterné mlyny).
- In 15th & 16th centuries they were discovering new continents.
In this times people invented the pritting press(kníh tlač).
The industrial revolution completly changed the world in 18th and 19th centuries. It brought : the steam engine(parník), the light blub(žiarovka), the electric motor, and the first petroldriven car invented by Daimler and Benz.
Hand-made goods was replaced(nahradené) by machine made poducts.
The most of changes in the 20th century wrere influanceed(ovplyvnené) by world wars. Many inventions had been developed(vyvinuté) for war reasons(dôvody) and then they influenced daily life. It was airplane, television, computer, mobile phone, internet, videophone, and more...

All inventions have advantages but also disadvantages.
--Advantages: that we make our life simple(jednoduchý) and more comfortable.
--Disadvantages: communication technologies are, that we spent less(menej) time with our famili or friends and we communicate with computer, but not with real person.

The inventions of the 20th century surround us at home and everywhere..It is for example: fridge & freezer, washing mashine, dishwasher, microwave, oven(rúra), computer, TV with video & DVD, and more and more..
In this time a research(výskum) in medicine brought drugs and vaccines. They prolong( predlžujú) people´s lives. In medicine sterted to use new technologies and medical equinment(vybavenie) wich is very effective(účinné).

Research in the chemical industry brought pesticides and fertilizers(hnojivá) that enable us(kt. umožňujú nám) to plant more crops(pestovať viac plodín). Genetic engineering(genetické inžinierstvo) developed in the 20th century, too. This invention influenced the food industry. People started to produce geneticly modifyed foodstuffs(začali vyrábať geneticky upravované portaviny).

In my opinion, these since & technologies are very important for present lifetime.I can´t imagine own life without mobile phone or service of internet..
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