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William Faulkner: Biography
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William Cuthbert Faulkner was a Nobel Prize-winning novelist (1949) from Mississippi. Though his works are sometimes considered challenging or even opaque, he is regarded as one of America's most influential fiction writers.He was born in New Albany, Mississippi. His family moved to city of Oxford where he spent most of his life. As “Jefferson” in the county of “Yoknapatawpa”, he used it as the basis of a number of his novels. They were quite prominent family, not very rich but had good family name (railroad industry, politics).

His grandfather FALKNER wrote THE WHITE ROSE OF MEMPHIS.He never finished high school, and although he attended the University for 2 years, he never graduated. He entered the army; he was in Canadian Air force, but the war finished sooner that he could fight. In 1924 he moved to New Orleans, where he published his first work THE DOUBLE-DEALER. He died in 1962 of a heart attack. He invented his own world Yoknapatawpa region, imaginative recreation of Mississippi life and history. He criticized issue of past and slavery in the South. The world was divided to: class of fading aristocracy, middle class (white people replacing the aristocracy), and poor whites (uneducated people with violate behaving) and blacks (realistically pictured, not better not worse). Faulkner was very ambivalent, he loved his region but he despised it- idea that haunted all his life- his own family was involved in slavery. Faulkner wrote of the South, transforming the scenes familiar to him into a land of myth.

The conflicts in his novels are between generations, classes, races, between man and himself. Past is crucial for him. Faulkner combined two of the principal traditions in American letters: the tradition of psychological horror, often close to symbolism, and the tradition of frontier humor and realism. Novels SOLDIER´S PAY (1926) his first novelSARTORES (1929)THE SOUND AND THE FURY (1929)AS I LAY DYINGLIGHT IN AUGUSTA FABLE- Pulitzer priceTHE REIVERS- Pulitzer priceABSOLOM, ABSOLOM! - set in early 19th century Jefferson, shows the tragic downfall of the dynastic desires of the planter Colonel SutpenFaulkner was known for using long, serpentine sentences and meticulously chosen diction, in stark contrast to the minimalist style of his longtime rival, Ernest Hemingway. Some consider Faulkner to be the only true American Modernist prose fiction writer of the 1930s, following in the experimental tradition of European writers such as James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Marcel Proust. His work is known for literary devices such as stream of consciousness, multiple narrations or points of view, and narrative time shifts.
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