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My school day

Ajkacik I get up at six o´clock (6 a.m.). Then I turn on the radio. Then I have a shower and I clean my teeth . I get dress. Then I have a boul of cereal or sandwich and I have a cup of tea or mineral water or milk for breakfast . Then I leave home my flat at half past eight (7.30 a.m.). I walk to school or I go to school by bus. At school, I talk with my friends. I start school at eight o´clock (8 a.m.).

Then the teacher comes and we go to our class. I leave school at 2 or 3 o´clock (2 – 3 p.m.) and I go home. I don´t have lunch at school, but I have lunch at home every day. After lunch I watch TV or I surf the Internet or I go out with my friends. I go to train twice a week and I go to learn english three times a week. In the afternoon there aren´t any lessons. We don´t have school (lesson) beyond weekend (on Saturdays and on Sundays).Then I have a dinner. After dinner I do my homework. Then I watch television or surf the Internet.Then I have a shower.Then I go to bed at 10.30 p.m. or I read a book.

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