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Racism is a great problem in current society. It violates the peaceful symbiosis of many various nationalities, and may often lead to violence. Like almost every problem, this one has it’s cause and solution.Where does racism come from and what is racism? Racism is a concept based on illusion that one race is superior to another. Racism has it’s roots in the people themselves and their fictive feeling that they are somehow better than the others.

The most significant philosophic works made about racism and supporting racism were made by Friedrich Nietzsche with his theory about ‘ubermensch’. This philosophical works were later misused by the Nazis. Racism can be seen almost everywhere. Some people elevate themselves over another, and even attack people that are of different color, belief or just because he looks differently. It means violence, harassment, suppression of human rights or ,in larger scale, even biased politics.The victorious battle over racism has to start during childhood. Children must know that all human beings are created equally without any difference and have no prejudices.

People are people. The problem is also the older generation. The biggest problem are the neo-fascist groups. Their thoughts interfere and suppress the civil rights. They should be split and banned.Racism as a form of intolerance to others should be eradicated. Who wants the racial unrest? Nobody. Racism have to be stopped.
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