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The Attitude of Society to Drug Addicts, Elderly, Disabled and Homeless People
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Take a look around. Who do you see? You see people. Lots of people. They are like grains of sand. But do you see that black grains that are being separated from the others? That is the way how today society deals with homeless, elderly, disabled people and addicts.Homeless people are now in bad situation. These people do not have home nor occupation. Everyday, you can see people dressed in rags begging for money or food near the shopping centres. The bad economical situation in our country have forced them to lose their jobs and homes.

What can society do for them to help? Politicians should ensure as many working places as possible. While this can be worked out, charities are playing their parts well. They provide food, clothes and shelter for them. They should also give them opportunity to earn some money, like selling magazines or working on building sites. The behavior to the disabled and elderly people is these days almost the same. People do not respect them at all. They think they are just cripples who cannot do anything to defend themselves. This has to be changed. The community organize many cultural or sport events, form which the profit goes to sanatoriums, hospitals and homes. But there are many people who help them, for example in the public transportation,…

Drug addicts are a special group. Junkies take drugs and they knowingly ruin their lives if they are devoted into it too much. When they are under the influence of the drug, they lose their control and can possess a serious threat to their surroundings. These people require special care. Today there exist centres which can provide help and cure for these people. The drug dealers should be punished really seriously.As we all can see, the situation of these people is bad but is slowly and surely improving. The society now understands the difficulties of these problematic groups and is on it’s way to help them.
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