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If I were the headmaster

If I were the headmasterBeing a headmaster must be a very responsible. You have to take care of your whole school, look after your teachers and cope with many other problems. In the next lines, you will see what would I change if I were the headmaster of our glorious school.The first thing I would change would be the look of our school. I would let it be repainted and partially reconstructed in a more sophisticated way.

Then I would rebuild the school yard, let there be some more trees and have it cut periodically. The next thing would be the enlargement of the school’s refreshment buffet. It should be a bit larger and it’s offer larger.Furthermore, I would revise the teachers and their teaching methods. If their metods will prove to be irrelevant, the teacher would be given a choice, whether to stay and change the method or be fired.But being a headmaster is not only about the building and teachers.

There are students, too. I would organize a lot of activities for them, such as sport events, some competitions in various subjects, have some historical or artistic excursions to another cities and more cultural trips e.g. going to theaters,…All in all, there are some things I would change, but that does not mean that the contemporary headmaster is not good. But there are some improvements, that can be done.

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