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School in the past, today and in the future
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School in the past, today and in the futureThere were many concepts intoduced and great changes done to the system and curicullum of the public school network. In comparison to the the ancient schools, the modern schools look and will look quite different.In the past, not many people were able to attend a school. In ancient Greece, only the male children of wealthy aristocrats were accepted at school under the leadership of well-known philosophers. In the Middle ages, it was similar. Only the rich and powerful could attend a school.

These facilities were maintained mainly the priests and the tuition took place in religious spirit. But later, the secular schools were introduced to the avant-garde townsmen. There existed a system of levels in education. There were elementary schools in every larger town. Secondary schools were not that common and only bigger cities could have them. Universities had only the capital or the most important cities in Europe. The tuition was expensive and it was hard to obtain books, because of their price in the Middle ages. In these times the philosophy and education really flourished.Nowadays, education is available to everybody. Everybody can enroll their children in elementary schools or themselves for university courses.

Every town, even small ones, have a school of their own. Every country town has a secondary school and the capital cities have surely at least one university. The tuition is affordable to anyone. The school curriculum contains more subjects than in the past. It is not focused on only the ecclesiastical, philosophical or political problems but also on the natural beauties, technology and computer science. There exist a wider range of subjects that enables us to obtain the more sophisticated general knowledge.In the future, we will not spectate as many crucial changes to the education system.

Of course, the development of computers and maybe some kind of super-modern perfect learning method will ease our road to knowledge. But according to me, many changes will not be made to this contemporary system.The education and its system has seen many improvements and it made human race the most advanced on our planet. It helps us to transfer knowledge from one generation to another, which is an invaluable service to the mankind.
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