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What is the real glory?A general who became a slave,the slave who became a gladiator,the gladiator who defied the emperor.Glory or Rome! Everyone fascinate when they imagine once great and glorious Roman Empire! Its rise and its fall. This film is talking about Roman Empire at the height of its power, about his greatness. Roman empire was stretching from the hot deserts of Africa to the cold borders of Northern England.In the winter of 180 A.D. emperor Marcus Aurelius’ twelve year campaign against barbarian tribes in Germania was going to an end. Only one barbarian stronghold stands in the way of Roman victory and final peace throughout the empire.Film starts in Germania showing us the greatest roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russel Crowe).We see thousands of soldiers preparing for the coming final battle. Suddenly the barbarians come. The general goes to cavalry waiting for him in the forest. He launches the signal to start the battle. Hundreds of arrows cover the barbarians like a cold rain. Roman infantry attack with the support of the archers and catapults! Suddenly roman cavalry appears from the forest and attack the barbarians from the rear. Roman Empire wins.

Everybody is happy and celebrate. However the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) calls for Maximus and tells him that he will become the protector of Rome. Commodus (Connie Nielsen) murders his own father, roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and become the new emperor. What was beginning as a glorious film about roman morality has dramatically changed into treachery. Maximus who loves the emperor as his own father believe that the emperor was murdered. He doesn’t swear loyalty to the new emperor Commodus. Four praetorians have the orders to take him to a forest far enough to kill him. Maximus is lucky and kills all four of them. He is quickly riding home to protect his family. He is late! The emperor’s soldiers praetorians had already done their work. What Maximus finds are burned fields and house and dead bodies of servants, his wife and son. A slaver finds him and sells him to a merchant Proximo (Oliver Reed), who has a gladiator school. In a first fight as a gladiator, Maximus surprise everyone with his ability to kill fast. He becomes famous under a name Spaniel. The new roman emperor organizes a glorious game for 150 days in Colosseum. Proximo goes to Rome with his gladiators to make money. Unfortunately Proximo’s gladiators are chosen to “replay” the battle (the massacre) of the second fall of the mighty Carthage as carthagians. Gladiators with the Spaniel at the head stand against legionnaires of Sciphio Africano on chariots. Spaniel with his leadership and ability to kill, together with his gladiators win impossible.

The emperor fascinated by the battle goes to speak to the Spaniel. This is a big surprise because Spaniel reveals his real identity and swears revenge. This moment starts to be the wheel of new revolution at the head of Maximus, emperor’s sister Lucila (Joaquin Phoenix) and senator Gracchus (Derek Jacobi). Maximus become famous, so he can be killed only in the middle of Colosseum. The emperor calls for yet undefeated gladiator called Tigris of Gaul. Maximus win and the emperor is desperate. A plan of Maximus’ escape to his army comes to the emperor. He takes advantage of it Maximus and senator Gracchus are caught, Proximo and some of his gladiators fighting for Maximus die and Lucila must swear to be loyal and to give a descendant to Commodus, who is her brother. There will be an unfair final battle between Commodus and Maximus. Maximus kills Commodus and falls to the ground. How could it be? He didn’t get a single hit. But Maximus was deadly hurt by Commodus before the fight. Maximus give his last orders to general Quintus, commander of praetorians. The Roman Empire becomes a republic and all Maximus’ men are released. Maximus dies.This film is directed by Ridley Scott. He authentically represents the glory and greatness of the Roman Empire. When you see this film, you will say that it must be truth and the Rome was looking the same as it is in the film. Soldiers’ armory and swords are authentic too. Fights are made very clever based on roman strong, well organized and trained army. You will be whiteness of treacheries, bribery and misery, but also glorious battles, magnificent scenery.‘Gladiator’ will show you death and life, poor and rich. It will surely register on you.
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