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50 English idioms
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1.) keep sb amused-to give sb interesting things to do or to entertain, so that they do not become boredexample: Playing with water can keep children amused for hours.
2.) stand on ceremony-to behave formallyexample: Please don´t stand on ceremony (please be natural and relaxed) with me.
3.) close at hand-near; in a place where sb/sth can be reached easilyexample: There are good cafes and restaurant close at hand.
4.) behind closed doors-without the public being allowed to attend or know what is happening in private
5.) have sth in common (with sb)-to have same interests, ideas, etc. as sb elseexample: Jane and I have nothing in common.
6.) have sth in common (with sth)-to have the same features, characteristics, etc.example: The two cultures have a lot in common.
7.) in earnest-more seriously and with more force or effort than beforeexample: The work on the house will begin in earnest on Monday.
8.) in embryo-existing but not yet fully developedexample: The idea already existed in embryo in his earlier novels.
9.) freeze your blood-make you extremely frightened or shocked
10.) make yourself understood-to make your meaning clear, especially in another languageexample: He doesn´t speak much Japanese, but he can make himself understood.
11.) in the van-at the front or in the leading position
12.) be looking over your shoulder-to be anxious and have the feeling that sb is going to do sth unpleasant or harmful to you
13.) on the loose-having escaped from somewhere; freeexample: Three prisoners are still on the loose.
14.) be all ears-to be waiting with interest to hear what sb has to sayexample: Do you know what he said? Go on—I´m all ears.
15.) in dribs and drabs-in small amounts or numbers over a period of time.example: She paid me in dribs and drabs, not all at once.
16.) (a case of) dog eat dog-a situation in business, politics, etc. where there is a lot of competition and people are willing to harm each other to succeedexample: I´m afraid in this line of work it´s case of dog eat dog. We´re operating in a dog-eat-dog world.
17.) dig deep (into sth)-to search thoroughtly for informationexample: You´ll need to dig deep into the records to find the figures you want.
18.) at full blast-with the greatest possible volume or powerexample: She had the car stereo on at full blast.
19.) back on track-going in the right direction again after mistake, failure, etc.example: I tried to get my life back on track after my divorce.
20.) wear your heart on your sleeve-to allow your feelings to be seen by other people
21.) at the top of the tree-in the highest position or rank in profession or carreer
22.) from top to toe-completely; all overexample: She was dressed in green from top to toe.
23.) clip sb´s wings-to restrict a person´s freedom or power
24.) against a clock-you do sth fast in order to finish before a particular time
25.) to crown it all-used to say that sth is the final and worst event in a series of unpleasant or annoying eventsexample: It was cold and raining and to crown it all, we had to walk home.
26.) cut a dash-to look attractive in a particular set of clothes, especially in a way that makes other people notice youexample: He cut quite a dash in his uniform.
27.) be dying for sth-to want sth very muchexample: I´m dying for a glass of water.
28.) be dying do to sth-to want to do sth very muchexample: I´m dying to know what happened.
29.) easier said than done-much more difficult to do than to talk aboutexample: Why don´t you get yourself a job? That´s easier said than done.
30.) be on edge-to be nervous, excited or bad-tempered
31.) fair and square-honestly and according to the rulesexample: We won the election fair and square.
32.) ignorance is bliss-if you do not know about sth, you cannot worry about itexample: Some doctors believe ignorance is bliss and don´t give their patients all the facts.
33.) ill at ease-feeling uncomfortable and embarrasedexample: I felt ill at ease in such formal clothes.
34.) make a killing-to make a lot of money quickly
35.) watch your language-to be careful about what you say in order not to upset or offend sbexample: Watch your language, young man!
36.) the lion´s den-a difficult situation in which you have to face a person or people who are unfriendly or aggressive towards you
37.) be your own master/mistress-to be free to make your own decisions rather than being told what to do by sb else
38.) miss the boat-to be unable to take advantage of sth because you are too lateexample: If you don´t buy now, you may find you´ve missed the boat.
39.) music to your ears-new or information that you are very pleased to hear
40.) against nature-not moralexample: Murder is a crime against nature.
41.) a necessary evil-a thing that is bad or that you do not like but which you must accept for a particular reason.
42.) as pretty as a picture-very pretty
43.) to have a quick temper-to become angry easily
44.) right and left-everywhereexample: She owes money right and left.
45.) be raining cats and dogs-to be raining heavily
46.) snap your fingers-to make a sharp noise by moving your second or third finger quickly against your thumb to attract sb´s attention or to mark the beat of musicexample: He snapped his fingers for the waiter to bring more wine.
47.) be a good sport-to be generous, cheerful and pleasant, especially in a difficult situationexample: She´s a good sport.
48.) lay it on with a trowel-to talk about sb/sth in a way that makes them or it seem much better or much worse than they really are;to exaggerate sthexample: He was laying the flattery on with a trowel.
49.) in an undertone-in a quiet voiceexample: I must leave now, he said in an undertone.
50.) run before you can walk-to do things that are difficult, without learning the basic skills first

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