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While I was walking in busy streets of Soho, the part of Oxford Circus in central London, the only person who started talking to me very nicely was a woman standing in a shop door. “Hello boy, sexy shop!” These were the words I heard when I got sufficiently near to her. I was smiling because I admired her courage. It was the busy commercial place where you could find sex for money as well. Prostitution as a kind of business, in spite of the fact that it exists virtually everywhere, is not legal in our society. Why? Because it is immoral and destructive action for health social structures like family and its rule in society. Prostitution refers to shameless immoral women offering their body to all men willing to pay money for sexual act. However, do those statements describe prostitution completely? Why the main object of sex business is just woman?A different issue is about discrimination against women that narrowly relates to prostitution. Among many actions to improve society in the world we can find conferences focused on abused women.

For example, the most cynical behavior in this case is stealing young girls for selling. We can learn that some girls from poor countries have ended up in brothels to bring money for few men. Those girls are victims of violence. They often have to face cruelty related to drugs. Considering those circumstances, it is probably the most desperate position of prostitutes. Nevertheless, how many so-called prostitutes are pushed in similar condition? Can we say then that the reason for prostitution is men’s violence? Yes, we can, but definitely not in this way.Now, jump to the next level of prostitution. Women are mostly discriminated by lower income. Perhaps the greatest power in the world is money, so women devoid of money are devoid of power. In other words, practically, they have inferior place in decision making. For example, married woman might complain to her husband: “Why do you waste so much our money on your useless toy?!” The most probable answer of her husband is: “I have earned this money! Why should I not to buy what I want?”

However, we are still exploring discrimination against women. Women in conference about abused women would merely say what they do in their personal life to attain power over men. Generally, the most effective tool for females how to control males is making pressure on males in sexual life. It is not usually the issue for talking. It is taboo. When a woman, for instance, provokes a man by her physical attraction, it is natural behavior important for biological reproduction. Yet, if she behaves provocatively in order to achieve other benefits then children or sexual pleasure from man, is not it abusing man’s natural sexual needs? Maybe that should be considered a level or a kind of prostitution. Therefore, we can say that sex is an equal weapon against money! Alternatively, we can say that sex is the most devoted friend of money.Based on this knowledge it is very interesting how money and sex are similar in their effect. As a result, it is difficult to find out which tool of manipulation was used first, so prostitution is the consequence of the whole society we live in. men and women are equally guilty for prostitution. All actions are about the question that who will hold the power.

Cabiria, community Health Project with Sex Workers has reported the point of view of one prostitute who participated in sex workers’ manifesto in Indian city Calcutta. She clearly supported the idea about fighting power between men and women. She told that the prostitutes’ movement was strongly intended against patriarchy (Community Health Project with Sex Workers, 1997). This inspired me to rename prostitution to protest institution.Although, manifestation is extremely open form of expression, sex and money more or less belong to taboo topics. For couples it is often easier to talk about sex then cash. In some cases the same pays among common people. Talking about similarities comparing money and sex, we should see how interesting the astrological viewpoint is. Although this science seems to be not very credible, my experience with real astrology is rich enough to take it seriously. Of course, my intention is not to convince others that astrology works, but show a large group of symbols which are beautifully and logically connected in one chain. Pluto represents the symbol of the biggest power in the world. In Greek mythology, Hades was the god of underworld. Hades means Pluto in Latin.

Hades also means invisible. Therefore, it was impossible to see where he was or what he was doing. Precisely like mafia in underworld today. Pluto is symbol of absolute political power, death, money, hidden experiences or power in unconsciousness, and so on. Everything that is hidden somewhere very deeply under surface belongs to Pluto. Hidden things are invisible, so they may be enormous powerful. That is why it is dangerous to come closer to them. For example, only talking about money or sex, people can become vulnerable. It works in opposite way as well. People hide their weaknesses not to be harmed by something they do not keep under control. This was connection between taboo and power.Another significant point we need to mention talking about Pluto is orgasm. According to S. Froid all our movements are motivated by hidden desire to have sex. Animal instincts were the primary kinds of power needed for living. It was one of the most important things in living nature. Therefore, those instincts are rooted deeply in human beings somewhere in the bottom of their unconsciousness. It was at the very beginning of their evolution once upon a time.In contrast, today, one of the most important powers to maintain life is money in modern civilization. After this information we can see association between sex and money, but still it is not clear why man governs by money and woman by sex.

The basis is in the physiological differences between man and woman. When they wanted to raise their child, woman had to feed it, so she did not have a time to rush wild animals. On the contrary, man’s body is more suitable for physical activities, so he represented physical power in community. He released his physical aggressiveness to attack and spear the animals. Similarly, he was responsible for all physical work which required strengths and heavy or sharp tool. All those masculine activities have been mirrored in man’s natural behavior especially in sex. On the other hand, woman was waiting for her man and food he was supposed to bring to their whole family. Woman in role of mother needed a house, warm, food, and condition for raising children. Moreover, pregnancy and giving birth are painful, so she better think about whether to have sex or not. In addition, having children is also physically exhausting. Therefore, woman needed to be self-controlled in sexual activities more then man did. Instead, woman required material condition that was hard achievable by herself.

Consequently, for a woman who wants to give birth and put good conditions for the next generation is more important to have money then just lust. This situation is mirrored in sexual behavior of woman.Again, as I mentioned earlier, prostitution is not legal in our society because of its harmful influence on family and social structure. Ironically, prostitution came out just from social and family structure. Therefore, if we want to solve a problem like prostitution, we need to realize physiological, psychological, social, and anthropological influence. Anyway, we definitely cannot accept so-called love for money. Otherwise, once we will be frustrated that we just follow animal instincts and not love. Spirituality would be perhaps solution because there is no difference between man and woman in spiritual viewpoint. Man should respect woman’s physical vulnerability and responsibility for feeding children and woman should respect man’s sexual weaknesses and tendency to be physically active which is in his nature.
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