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Hobbies, Free time and Lifestyle
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Leisure time is the time after work or school. It is the time hor fun and entertaiment.There is a wide range of leisure activities. If you work outdoor sitting doing paper work, you need some physical activity-playing some sport, going haiking or fishing. If your job involves a lot of physical activity, you want to spend your free time at home reading books or magazines, watching TV or playing computer games, surfing the Net. Many families have two or three TV sets and soap operas, guiz shows and reality shows are becoming more and more popular.

Many people spend their weekends shopping at the nearest supermarket or shopping centre. One of the traditional hobbies is collecting objects-stamps, banges, postcards, coins, model cars or ships.Then there is keeping pets - a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a parrot, a guinea pig, goldfish and other exotic animals.Then there are hobbies practised by people who enjoy the arts. Playing the musical instrument - the piano, the guitar, thedrums, the flute, taking photos, painting, choir singing, drama acting, folk dancing, ball dancing, modern dancing are the hobbies of art - loving people.Free time activities vary from season to season:-in summer: gardening is popular among middle- aged and eldery people. Many people use theirweekend to go to their cottages or country houses. Hiking, rock climbing, cycling or walking in the woods are also favourite activitities in good weather-in Winter many men often work on " do-it-yourself " projects around house, like building shelves or remodeling the bathroom. Many women still enjoy knitting and sewing on cold winter evenings.

Children and young people enjoy ice-skating, sledging or play hockey.-spring is time for " spring cleaning " - cleaning windows and cupboards, repairing, painting and redecorating their houses or flats. Another leisure time activity is reading - books, magazines, horoscopes, reading about the latest scandals and doing crossword puzzles. A lot of people like socializing - going out with friends for dinner or a drink after a hard day at work or dancing at night clubs. There is another possibility - education. Thousand of people spend hundreds of hours every year learning foreign languages, like English and German. They go to evening classes.Young people are keen on sport activities. Boys spend a lot of time playing football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, ice hokey, golf. They go hiking, cycling, jogging, swimming...Girls choose gymnasticts, athletics, aerobics. Boys prefer going to fitness centress or body-building centres. Typical hobbies of teenagers are roller-skating and skate-boarding.They also like listening to music, going to discos or parties.Exclusive extreme hobbies are hot-air ballowing, windsurfing, hang-gliding.Whatever your body is, it helps you relax and brings you a lot of pleasure. :)
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