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Project - English and me
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Every day my host brother teaches my something new and i gained a many experiences. By going thru these hinders I gained very precious experiences that nobody can steal it from me!
My planes for future are very interesting, I want to keep studing the english language and continue to do my 4 school years.In the third grade I think I will go study this grade to U.S.A..It will be good experienc for me!When I finish the middle school I will move to study high school to another county.I dont now now which one it will be but I think it will be in U.S.A. or in England.It will be for me hrd times to study abroad.I will study for lawyer or physics.When I finaly complet my studies I will stay in the country for probably another 4-5years.So I can contionou studiing the language and geting experiences in work.I dont think I will move back to my home country.If I find there better job then in my country I will stay there.
So this are the thinks why I like english and why I start studiing it!I hope my planes will meet.Im so happy and thanks full that I hve the oportunity which my father give me to visit other countries and learn.
I think if somebody wants to learn english and wants to know english he needs to study hard and after a period of time it will come.Trust me!.
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