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The characteristic and the development of the personality of Robinson Crusoe
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This was, as Crusoe is suggesting, the main reason of so many dangers and worries, he had to face during his life.
The adventurous spirit is one of the aspects of his character. What other important aspects were there in his personality? Somebody may say, that following aspects of Crusoe’s personality were developed under the pressure of the danger and worries he had to undergo. But we think there had to be some basis for this development in his character also before. To live a life of a castaway demanded a lot of diligence and patience: „(…) but labor and patience carried me through that and many other things.” Without his patience he probably wouldn’t be able manufacture all the necessities for his life on the island. He really needed a lot of skills to develop. But fortunately, he was skillful and docile, so he managed to prepare many things himself, some even not necessary (cakes, etc.) Thanks this he succeeded in making his life on the island more comfortable.
Crusoe realized he had everything he needed, and was actually satisfied with what he had. He didn’t feel any deficit of food: „(…) I was not driven to any extremities for food; but rather plenty, even to dainties.“ And as he had enough food and all the most important tools, he missed only one thing. The company of other human being. Not to fell alone, Crusoe caught a parrot and taught it to speak. But a parrot, although able to speak, is still only a parrot. It can only repeat what it has learned. That‘s why we think Crusoe desired for human company all the time, though only subconsciously.
Crusoe, as he was more less satisfied with his state, was able to be extremely happy about small things and achievements. „No joy at a thing of so mean a nature was ever equal to mine (…)“
Now, we‘re reaching other important point. There was something, what helped Crusoe to carry the absence of other human being on the island. Once he got very ill. As he was suffering, he was thinking about his life: „(…) conscience, that had slept so long began to awake, and I began to reproach myself with my past life, in which I had so evidently, by uncommon wickedness, provoked the justice of God to lay me under uncommon strokes, and to deal with me in so vindictive a manner. These reflections oppressed me for a second or third day of my distemper, and in the violence as well of the fever as of the dreadful reproaches of my conscience extorted some words from me, like praying to God, though I cannot say they were either a prayer attended with desires or with hopes; it was rather the voice of mere fright and distress;(…)“ But later on Crusoe began to pray.
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