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The characteristic and the development of the personality of Robinson Crusoe
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He was honestly sorry that he disobeyed all the warnings of his relatives, friends and first of all God, so many times. He starts to practise habits of religious life: „I kept this day a solemn fast, setting it apart to religious exercise, prostrating myself on the ground with the most serious humiliation, confessing my sins to God, acknowledging His righteous judgements upon me, and praying to Him to have mercy on me, through Jesus Christ;(…)“ It‘s probably the relation to God what helped him to survive. From this relation he was gaining hope that all his troubles aren‘t pointless. And when he was depressed because of his situation, he was looking for some source of hope. And he found it: „ (…) I daily read the Word of God and applied all the comforts of it to my present state.“ Crusoe himself considered his relation with God as very important: „(…) if God does not forsake me, of what ill consequence can it be, or what matters it, though the world should all forsake me; seeing on the other hand, if I had all the world and should lose the favour and blessing of God, there would be no comparison in the loss?”
As we are coming closer to the end of our work, we would like to introduce one more aspect of Crusoe’s personality. After the arrival of Friday and the other persons on the island Crusoe is changing his behavior. He is behaving as if he was the ruler and the owner of the island. Even as a king: „My island was now peopled, and I thought myself very rich in subjects; and it was a merry reflection, which I frequently made, how like a king I looked. First of all, the whole country was my own mere property, so that I had undoubted right of dominion. Secondly, my people were perfectly subjected. I was absolute lord and lawgiver; (…)” And Crusoe was considering himself as a ruler and owner of the island also after he returned home. There are some more features of Crusoe’s character that we could mention. But they aren’t of so big importance.
We have showed, what we think are, the most important aspects of the personality of Robinson Crusoe. Undoubtedly, there are many more of them, which could be seen in Crusoe’s character. At the end we do have to prove one more thing. In the beginning we were suggesting, that the deepest aspect of Crusoe’s character, the adventurous spirit, wasn’t changed. The end of the novel can prove it. We would expect him to settle down and live a peaceful and calm life.
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