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Woody Allen’s stand-up comedy
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Once Woody Allen went to a costume party. He was dressed as a ghost. As he was going to the party in the ghost-costume, a car stopped. There were three other men dressed like ghosts. Woody Allen thought they were going to the same party. They told him they were to pick up the grand dragon. Woody Allen put two and two together and thought it is some man, who was going to the party dressed as a dragon. But another man entered the car dressed as a ghost. There were some ornaments on his costume. Now, Woody Allen realized he was in real trouble. He was sitting in the car with three wide-armed klansmen with their Grand dragon. He couldn’t get out of the car, so he tried to use some special Southern-expressions like y’all and grits, to hide his true identity. The car stopped on a field far from the town. As they were collecting some money for the Ku-Klux-Klan, Woody Allen said: ”I pledge fifteen dollars!” which gave himself away. They immediately knew he wasn’t one of them. They decided to hang him. They put a rope necklace around his neck. As he wanted to save his life he said to them something like: ”Listen fellows, this nation can’t survive without loving each other regardless of race, creed or color!” He was successful. His eloquence saved his life. They took the rope off his neck. They were so moved by his words that at the end Woody Allen managed to sell to these Ku-Klux-Klan members two-thousand-dollar Israeli bonds.
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