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Jobs in my town
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I live in Bratislava so there are many people with many professions in my town, but the most frequented are shop-assistants, farmers, drivers of traffic, soldiers, factory workers musicians, managers, news readers, bank clerks, air hostesses, pilots, taxi drivers, postmen, secretaries, architects, hairdressers, artists, teachers, doctors and nurses. The most of Slovak universities are in Bratislava. In Bratislava live many high educated people which are working in government, banks, universities etc. Bratislava is the only town in Slovakia where are these special professions, for example president, prime minister, ombudsman and all parliament with 150 deputies. From historical view there are many professions which are not so populated like pottery, technology from wire, weaving etc.

There are many stores in Bratislava which are employing more then 1000 people. The cobbler has been one of many important craftsmen since time immemorial. Today are shoes made by machines. Flour is ground from grain by a miller. Meals in the restaurants are prepared by cooks. Along with cooks, confectioners move about in the kitchen. When we are ill we go to the doctors whom are assisting medical nurses. The houses in which we want to live, the new stores, schools and theatre are designed by an architect and constructed by construction workers. This work also has something in common with sculpture. A painter is also a great artist. The writer tries to relate to reader a story and gripping adventure. Sometimes reversal he tries to present the most accurate facts and data. The translator translates the books of foreign authors into our language. An interpreter, on the other hand, translates speech in situations when two people do not speak the same language meet. This happens in particular during business meetings. A driver or pilot takes us to our destination by bus, plane or ship.

In a store we are helped by a salesman. A plumber and electrician help us with small problems in around the house. The voice of an announcer speaks to us from the radio. Announcer gives us needful information how we can spent our free time. We have many scientists too. They are trying to obtain new knowledge in the field of mathematics, biology, chemistry and other areas of science. A notary verifies the authenticity of documents. He makes sure that they have not been falsified. Lawyers together with judges must choose if some people are or aren't guilty. It is very hard profession. A goldsmith can create for us beautiful jewellery from gold, silver or another expensive metal. 

I ask some people from my family about advantages and disadvantages in their work. Then I ask when and where they work. Milan Buchman my father: He is programmer. He is working from 8 o'clock to 19 o'clock. He works in office in the center of Bratislava. He likes his work only when he doesn't see it. He doesn't like on his work that his eyes and back hurts.Milan Staroň my grandfather: He was working like a dental technician. He was working from 7 o'clock to half past five. He controlled dental allowances. He doesn't like inspections of his superior.Mária Staroňová my grandmother: She was working like a dentist. She was working from 7 o'clock to half past three. She liked appreciation of small children and she doesn't like phone calls from her chef.Milan Buchman my grandfather: He was an employee of one factory in Slovakia. He was working 8 hours since 6 o'clock.

I ask some children from my class about their plans about work. My classmate Marry wants to be a teacher because she wants to work with children. My classmate Mišiak wants to be a programmer because he is interested in work with computers. We have many sportsman in Slovakia, so I have some pictures here: KAROL BECK - PETER BONDRA -MARIAN GABORIK - JOZEF GONCI - DANIELA HANTICHOVA -DOMINIK HRBATY ELENA KALISKA – KAROL BECK – VERONIKA ZUZULOVA- -MIROSLAV SATAN – MARTINA MORAVCOVA – MICHAL MATRIKANAnd here are some Slovak musicians: MIRO JAROS – KATKA KOSCOVA – MARTINA SINDLEROVA – PETER DVORSKY – MARIKA GOMBITOVA – MIRO ZBIRKA RICHARD RIKKON – DARINA ROLINCOVA – EDITA GRUBEROVA – PALO HABERA – JANA KIRSCHNER – RICHARD MULLERAnd we have many politicians too: ROBERT FICO – VLADIMIR BAJAN – BELA BUGAR – EDUARD KUKAN – MIKULAS DZURINDA – IVAN GASPAROVIC – ZUZANA MARTINAKOVA
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