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Jobs and employment
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Choosing one’s career is an important step in everybody’s life. Most children have only vague ideas of what they want to be. At first they admire so called “hero” professions such as pilots, astronauts, firemen, policemen. Girls want to become actresses, models, singers or ballet dancers. But as they get older and mature their criteria for choosing their profession become more and more realistic, because they have to coordinate their own interests, hopes and desires. The influence of their parents, teachers, relatives and friends can’t be disregarded. Some children look up to their parents and want to follow in their footsteps. We can divided jobs into two groups. First group contains jobs which we can called manual or physical jobs. Physical works are done by cheap manpower people without graduation or university, miners and workers. Second group is called mental work.

Mental work is done by teachers, engineers or people in management. They have also sedentary job and very high salary.Individual group of jobs are well-paid jobs for instance: bosses,lawyers, managers, engineers, famous actors, singers, sportmen, doctors, businessmen, bankers, politicians and judges.Job market is supply of jobs in our district so if you want to get one, you have to be very good at your profession. The best way to get a job is to register yourself in an employment exchange. You can check the advertisements in newspapers and magazines or search in the internet. When you find a job you’re interested in you have to get some information what skills and requires are necessary for this job. Then you should write an application. An inevitable part of the application form is a curriculum vitae which should contain personal details, work experience, education background and further training or other skills or abilities which are revelant.The aim of application is to get an interview. The interview is very or the most important stage in the procedure of getting a job. You can gain but also lose a lot.

During the interviewer it is very important not only what you wear and the first impression you make but also the way you communicate to the interviewer. If you are lucky or rather good enough and get the job become employees of a company, firm or other institution. You sign a work contract which clearly states the job description, duties and responsibilities, working time, salary and so on. The salary assessed according to your qualifications, length of experience and work of course. In our country is usual that a woman in the same function as a man, gets lower salary. It may be taken as a discrimination but it is still normal for majority. In our country we receive salaries in a month. Pay in a week is called wage and it is common for countries like Britain and the USA.Many students find a temporary job during holidays or their free time. Nowadays it is common to go abroad to earn money and improve language skills. Many girls work as an au-pairs abroad. You need a lot of money at the beginning. In some countries you need to have a visa and a job permit.

Many states do not accept our universties and if they do, it is pretty hard to get a job in some firm. On the other hand foreigners can easily find a job or establish a company in Slovakia because of deficit of vacancies.Education is very important because young people with higher or university education have a better chance of finding a job to their satisfaction. Ability to work with computer is indispensable nowadays. If you want to improve your knowledge and learn new technologies involving to your job, you can requalify yourself by studying at the extra mural or evening courses. It is very difficult but many people overcome this life trial and then they can be satisfied with their work.They can be even promoted.Unemployment is a big problem in our country. We don’t have enough vacancies, salaries are low, income tax and social deliveries very high. Many graduates can’t find a job. They leave abroad because of better income and foreign language improving. It is better for them then stay at home and be jobless.

They get the unemployment benefits but it is not much so this should motivate them to work and not stay out of work. There is also a problem with gypsies who don’t want to work but they want to get money.If you finally manage to find a job, you will have to solve some new problems. People sometimes can’t afford to have a children because they wouldn’t have enough time or woman would have to take maternity leave and maybe she would lose her job. Work is very exhausting and this can be reflected into family life. People who get a pension can work in our society. It is not often to see but it is possible.In our society are also people who cannot work because of their age or they’re disable. They must be supported by the state so they get a pension.

What do you want to do in the future? What will your job be like?I want to work as a doctor. If you want tot work as a doctor, you should study at the university where you will study for six years. I want to do this job because of helping people. In my opinion it is a very stressful, but nice work. You are in touch with people. You’re responsible for their lives and health. I hope that my wish to do this job will come true.
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