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Global problems
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In nowadays society, there are many serious problems which influence daily life. On every continent in the world there is happening something earnest which causes changes of society and it influences its natural existence. The problems are of military, industrial, diseases and so on.DISEASES:AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Disease that renders the body immune system resist invasion by several microorganisms that cause serious infections.

It is caused by HIV virus which attacks our immune system. AIDS is transmitted by unprotected sexual contact, by blood of infected person (mostly by using drugs), from mothers to their babies. AIDS cause a death because small disease such as flu can be a big problem for your body but some medicine can extend your life.CANCER – It is second largest cause of death in Europe. It is general term for abnormal cell growth and its uncontrolled spread. Cancer cell can grow into a lump called a malignant tumour. Most used methods of the cancer treatment are: surgery, chemotherapy (which may be given in tablet or capsules form or by injections or infusions) and radiotherapy.

OBESITY – It is probably the most common chronic disease in our country. It results from an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure. It can cause hypertension, artery disease, diabetes mellitus. These people should change their food habits, do excercises and try to lose some weight.MILITARY PROBLEM: TERRORISM – It is defined as premeditated politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience. Terrorists like spectacular acts that gain widespread publicity. Their acts are designed to unsettle as many people as possible. They try to use the psychological impact of violence or the threat of violence to bring about political change.

HUMANITARIAN PROBLEMS: FAMINE – It is severe shortage of food. Natural causes include droughts, floods, earthquakes, insect plaques and plant disease. Human causes include wars, civil disturbances. Widespread, chronic hunger and malnutrition may result from severe poverty, inefficient food distribution or population increases disproportionate to the food-producing or procuring capacity of people in a region. Consequences of famine are weight loss in adults and retarded growth in children. The worst is that in Africa, where people do not have money for medicines, there is a very serious problem of many illnesses.Help: In the world there are so many people needing a support hand and fortunately there are also many people who want to give the hand to those who really need it. Those people do not mind to sacrifice a part of their time, property, money to solve all problems of war victims, starving people of Africa, drug-addicts, unemployed, single mothers with ill children.

There are a lot of organizations, who help f.e.: UNICEF, Red Cross, League against cancer, and so on. They help people and children from poor countries, from developing countries, people with incurable diseases. They also help countries stricken by catastrophes (tsunami). These people and organizations have a golden hearts. Some people help also by adoption. They adopt a child and they send him money for studying and health care.HOMELESSNESS: It is a national problem of people who are without home. They are exposed from AIDS to murder and they can die from cold. All large cities have shelters where homeless can spend the night. Homeless are people who are alcoholics, who have lost their jobs and homes or have problems with drugs or they are mentally ill. Some experts say that cheaper housing will solve the problem other want better treatment centers for drug and alcohol addicted and more hospital beds for mentaly ill.

CRIME: It is an action that is against the law. Some of the favourite places of criminals are supermarkets, train or bus stations, pubs, banks and houses of rich. Social conditions that often lead to crime are unemployment, poor education, homelessness. If you want to prevent crime do not walk along dark streets late at night, lock all the doors and windows, make sure your money is safe or fit a burglar alarm.DRUGS: As the big problem of each society is dangerous for the young people too. Drugs can be smoked, sniffed, injected, inhaled through the nose. Very well-known drugs are marijuana, heroin, cocaine, pervitin. The arguments why people take drugs are that their friends use them too, it is just for fun and because they are young and they want to try everything. The effects can sometimes lead to a state of relaxation or happiness that aren´t natural and it´s life threatening.ALCOHOL: Nowadays young people can´t imagine the entertainment without alcohol. But only young people have problem with alcohol but also for adults who are unemployed drinking is a form of escapism.

There are young men who aren´t the real drunkards but who drink excessively from time to time and it´s very dangerous. Drunkards become depressed, after drinking they suffer from sickness and headache. Alcohol makes them aggressive. It can upset their coordination and it is very dangerous for drivers.GREENHOUSE EFFECT: It has become one of the world´s most discussed topics. It is caused by polluted atmosphere with CO2. Greenhouse gases create layer and cause warming up the climat and it can cause rising sea levels.

POLLUTION AIR: It is the biggest problem in large cities with concentrated industrial production. Factories produce large quantities of poisonous gases and radioactive particles which get into hte air.

HOMOSEXUALITY: It is orientation on the same sex. The society is divided into 2 groups, the first one think that they should be threated equally in society and have equal rights, such as to get married or adopt children. Others think that homosexuality is kind of sexual deviation. They consider gays and lesbians immoral. Homosexuals can feel the same love, some of them prefer one-night stands, but some of them seek a stable relationship.Earnest - závažnýRender – ničiť, oslabovaťInvasion - narušenieCell - bunkaLump - hrčkamalignant tumour – zhubný nádorimbalance - nerovnováhaexpenditure - výdajpremeditated - premyslieťperpetrated - spáchaťnon-combatant - civilisticlandestine - tajnýHumanitarian - humanitárnyDisproportionate - neprimeranýProcuring - zaobstaraťSniffed – vdychovaný cez nosExcessively - nadmerneParticle - častica
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