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Marilyn Monroe: Biography
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Her health continued to deteriorate due to increased dependency on drugs and involvement in an unhappy marriage. She often came to the set late and was unable to remember her lines. Marilyn’s marriage to Arthur Miller lasted longer than her marriage to anyone else, but their four years together experienced a lot of turbulence. Marilyn’s chemical dependency became a serious problem. Low finances forced her to go to work in the movie Some Like it Hot while she was pregnant. She had a miscarriage during its filming. Feeling neglected, Marilyn had an affair with Let’s Make Love co-star, Yves Montand. By the time she starred in the movie Arthur had written for her, their marriage was over.Marilyn was consulting with Dr. Ralph Greenson, a prominent psychoanalyst to Hollywood stars. As common during this period, he relied heavily on drug therapy...routinely prescribing barbiturates and tranquilizers in addition to his psychotherapy.Arthur’s gift to Marilyn was called The Misfits; but shooting the movie was a gruelling experience for Marilyn. Her doctor gave her medication that she grew addicted to and she was unable to refill her prescription in the desert. The Nevada heat soared to unbearable temperatures.

While on location the Millers lived in separate quarters and were barely speaking.Miller constantly changed the script so she could not remember her lines. Sometimes showing up hours late, Marilyn finally collapsed on the set and had to be hospitalised for exhaustion. The worst news came shortly after the completion of filming. Clark Gable, Marilyn’s co-star and hero, died of a heart attack. Marilyn felt a great deal of guilt, commenting.I kept him waiting kept him waiting for hours and hours on that picture. Evelyn Moriarty remembered. Marilyn was being blamed for everything. All of her problems were exaggerated to cover up for Director Huston's gambling and the terrible waste of money on that production. It was easy for her to be made the scapegoat Marilyn divorced Arthur Miller in January 1,1961, the same month that The Misfits was released. Another unhappy marriage was terminated.Pills, medicaments, barbituratesEntering a pit of despair, Marilyn’s mental and emotional state grew increasingly fragile. Her psychiatrist suggested she stay temporarily at a hospital. Marilyn was thrown into a ward for the insane and she had finally reached the breaking point. She feared she was losing her sanity just as her mother had. Realizing none have the doctors listened to her need to leave, she called the only person she knew who would come to her aid: her ex-husband and close friend, Joe DiMaggio.

After Joe threatened to tear the building down if they did not let her go, the doctors released Marilyn.In 1961 Marilyn purchased a house in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles. At the urging of her psychoanalyst, Dr Greenson, she hired Eunice Murray as housekeeper. Murray, calling herself a nurse, had neither the training nor credentials. It is suspected that she was a spy for Dr. Greenson who continued to have more and more control over Marilyn's life, seeing her almost daily when she was in Los Angeles.Unfortunately, Marilyn’s unreliable reputation began to catch up with her. Despite the fact that several doctors confirmed her illness, the studio heads at Fox had grown tired with her showing up hours, sometimes days late. Their exasperation reached its summit when a helicopter showed up on the Fox lot on May 17, 1962 and whisked Marilyn away to sing Happy Birthday at a gala party for President Kennedy. Though Fox originally gave her permission to go, they changed their minds after Marilyn missed so many days of work. Infuriated, the studio heads used the birthday gala as a reason for firing her on June 8, 1962. Marilyn began production on Something’s Got to Give in April 1962. What the studio heads neglected to remember was a stipulation in the movie’s other star’s contract.

Dean Martin’s contract gave him approval of his co-star; and he refused to shoot the movie with anyone but his friend, Marilyn Monroe. When the studio heads refused to allow Marilyn to come back, Dean Martin walked off the set. With both stars gone, Fox realized they had just destroyed their own film. Quietly, they rehired Marilyn and shooting was to resume in September 1962. Grateful to her friend Dean Martin and elated to be rehired, Marilyn finally began to exude an independence she had never possessed before. She ordered furniture for her new house. She decided to relieve her housekeeper, Eunice Murray from her duties. Marilyn even contemplated ending her psychotherapy. She was standing tall and feeling proud. The future began to brighten for Marilyn Monroe. Fox filed suit against Marilyn Monroe Productions on June 7, but the suit was later dropped. Marilyn had been seeing Joe DiMaggio frequently during this time and had finally agreed to remarry him. The wedding date was set for August 8, 1962. Fox rehired her on August 1 to complete Something’s Got to Give with a salary of $250,000, which was two and a half times the original amount.The End Then suddenly, she was gone.

A world awoke August 5, 1962 to hear the news that the Hollywood sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bedroom. The autopsy records declared that her death was a probable suicide, though many people refused to believe that this woman who was just beginning to find her independence would take her own life. Despite what anyone believed, the ghastly truth was that Marilyn Monroe was dead. Distraught that he could not rescue her one last time, Joe DiMaggio made all the arrangements for her funeral. On August 8, 1962, he placed the love of his life in the wall of a crypt and wept openly as was driven away. Never losing his love for her, he did not remarry. Marilyn died over forty years ago and yet her memory remains as fresh as it was in 1962. Her legend far eclipses that of her predecessors including Clara Bow, Jean Harlow and even Rudolph Valentino. Rumours abound about exactly how she died -- some people believe the Kennedy family murdered her. Others believe the Mafia murdered her. Some think she accidentally overdosed on her medication. Another theory has Eunice Murray, her last day on the job, accidentally killing Marilyn by giving her an enema incorrectly.

Yet, some people believe that her death was indeed, an intentional suicide. An IconSo much controversy arises over how she died, yet so few people look at how she lived. Marilyn Monroe was a sensitive human being who constantly swam upstream in her pursuit for happiness. Born into illegitimacy; unwanted in childhood, she grew into a sexual icon. She longed for a happy marriage and motherhood, but both eluded her. She demanded artistic freedom in her career at a time when it was rare for a woman to have a voice. Uneducated, but highly intelligent, she desired to be seen as more than just a “dumb blonde”. Then, just when her long sought after happiness was within her grasp, her life was ripped away from her at the tender age of thirty-six. These were the building blocks that made up Marilyn Monroe -- a complex, loving, emotional person. These are the characteristics that made the public fall in love with her -- and these are the characteristics that keep the love for Marilyn alive in the hearts of millions of people. Though physically gone, the spirit of Marilyn Monroe will never die.
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