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Crilly:He is a friend of Cal. They know each other since the high school. Crilly caused the troubles with stomach to Cal. Cal has never dared to retreat when Crilly asked him to help out. He is a violent person who enjoys the conflicts and frightening everyone around him. His attitude to Protestants is radical. He feels a big resentment to them and is decided to avoid The United Ireland. Even killing people cannot discourage him in fighting against the Protestants. This is a typical position of a kind of the terrorist. In the book at the end of the story we can see how simple is his essential. He breaks the legs the guy who injured Skeffington´s father without recognizing the consequences that Cal clear up him after Crilly finish his story. For him the most important and exciting thing is killing people and making robberies even without reason.

He is obsessed like a machine that does not need to think about his deeds. He approve to any command that Skeffington orders him.Shamie:Father of Cal. Typical parent who wants to feed his child and give him the education that he regards as the best. After his wife died he closed himself in the house and use to spend his free time by watching the news and getting upset about what is going on the streets. He also knows that him and his son are in a big danger as Catholics but does not dare to abandon Ireland. He prefers staying at home and holding out the situation. Every evening happens the same: A diner with his son, washing the dishes sitting in front of the TV and reading the papers. For Cal there is no understanding or talking about his feelings. That causes a big space between them but the respect for each other remains. He is a kind of person who occurs also among us. There are people who criticize the situation but are still afraid to get involved in it. That is what makes them hypocritical instead to be bold.2)According this book people cannot really stay without getting involved in Northern Ireland. Everyone has to express his attitude. Everyone knows each other there is no chance to keep the private.

When you get out you have to pay cause it is a kind of the desertion. Like the soldier in the war.3)In every chapter they get more close to each other. Cal intends to do almost everything just to keep in touch with her. He falls in love with her and do not give up to get near of her. He arranges the encounters to talk with her sometimes shuddering and blushed. They become friends and by a chance he starts working at the farm where Marcella lives. There is no border to get in touch with her everyday especially when he squats in the cottage that used to be a store of the farm before. She starts visiting him, giving him clean clothes and furnishing the cottage. When Marcella stays at the house alone with his daughter Cal is invited to come to have a diner. Since this moment the tension between them becomes to rise up and Cal reveals his feelings. They meet again on the other day and Marcella decides to make love with him.

They become lovers but Cal is not still content in this relationship because he cannot plead guilty of killing her husband even when he was not really the slayer of him.4)Abattoir – a place where Shamie and Crilly work and Cal used to work there as well. A place of dead where the troubles of Ulster used to be discussed.Library- a place of freedom and peace. Everyone could find a shelter or silence here. A place where everybody was equalPreacher-person on whose readings people used to rely on. A hope….Blood – a symbol of killingSnow – a symbol of dead 5)He feels guilty because he had not done anything to avoid the murder. He did not dare to refuse Crilly. Now he fell in love with Robert’s wife, make love with her and even wears his clothes. 6)7)The tension in 1983 between Catholics and Protestants was on its highest peak. There were robberies, murders, and fights on the streets. People were afraid to get out of their homes. There were many bomb attacks and threats. People could not keep their privacy. They were forced to keep an attitude towards Catholics or Protestants.

From their statement depended how people threat each other.Nowadays the IRA made some compromises on weapons but Unionists complain that it is not enough. There is less violence on the streets and the conflict should be solved in a political way. Though in my opinion it is impossible to move towards peace until the British get completely out of Ireland or will accept the entire Irish nation. 8)Cal´s dole does not really curb Cal. In my opinion he has everything that he needs. He can get to the library, lend some music, play guitar, has enough food and cigarettes. That what really cuds him is a lack of freedom. He is worried about the situation in Ireland feels insecure on his way home and that is one of the reasons that makes his stomach tensed. His choice can be only radical like “to be or not to be“. That is what makes them so devastatingly simple. b9)Cal got to the commitment in the Ulster together with Crilly and Skeffington.

They had anything to talk about anymore and had to wait for the trial. During the nights Cal stayed vigilant. Not able to sleep he spends the time by pondering and smoking his last cigarettes. His conscience was confused and his stomach in knots. He put down the weight and was staring at the wall for hours. Three days later Marcella arrived. Cal was called to the waiting room to see her. He could not believe that she was there with her eyes looking on the floor, pale and exhausted. Even without looking at him she started talking.“I left Morton’s yesterday.”“I moved to the flat in Belfast. I am applying for a job of the library assistant in Italy.”Cal´s knees became shuddering as when he first time saw her in the bathroom, dipping into the hot water. He was incapable to say a word and wished to lit a cigarette to calm down. There was this hoarse voice as he decided to react.“I killed him. I killed Robert. I saw his blood on the wall and I saw him crying for you.”

Marcella rose her had staring at him like a doll with no soul in her. Tears dropping down on her white anorak.“You are asked to testify the murder.”“I know who you are Cal. I know that you did not kill him. I was looking out from the window when Crilly arrived that evening. I have seen him as he shot my husband. Police was tracking down for months. I know that you were sitting in the car waiting I was entering the library that afternoon to get the rest of my stuff because I was decided to leave. As I saw you talking with Crilly in the library I announced the police. I wanted to get this bastard as much as Morton’s. That was the reason why I had to stay with them.”Marcella sling her bag came to Cal and kissed him whispering:“I love you too”She turned to the doors and left. The life started streaming through his veins again.10)The attacks are the way to get the independent Ireland. People can be killed under this purpose. Mostly innocent people die. The order is to do anything just to avoid the British influence.A kind of a justification reminds me of the conflict between the USA and the Iraq. The war was justified by an idea to save the world from the terrorism. In fact the real reason of was totally different. Innocent people had to die again.
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