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Gender Roles

Typically ...·Male: ·being the breadwinner ·like watching TV, especially sports ·love sports and cars ·Female: ·being at home, eventually rising the children ·doing the housework ·don't know about technologies Where do these pictures come from?·History: ·Men were the breadwinners and went into war, while their wifes stayed at home in the kitchen and with the children

·Women weren't allowed to become educated or to vote - they had hardly any rights at all ·Advertising: ·Beer, cigarettes, sports and cars are mainly connected with men ·Cleaning and children advertisments are often shot with women Today's situation·Today often women are the breadwinners (too) → no financial independence any more ·Marriages and children aren't the main targets in industrial based societies any more ·Women aren't housewifes only any more ·Men have to care more about the family than before, they take more time to be with their children

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