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What makes people into villains? nature argument, nurture argument (developed villainy- a person was brought up into a villain), other causesIt is hard to say whether the villain is nature or nurture. If a child comes from criminal environment, it is likely to become a criminal. On the other hand, child who comes from long line of judges can be persuaded to study law. In these cases, the child might feel it natural to follow in his family’s footsteps.Some crimes can be explained by backround. For example racing in stolen car may be caused by hopelessness of a jobless life in a city, but for example bank frauds (trick, cheating) which ruin thousands are commited by rich men.Other reason may be excitement.

Some people get their adrenaline by sport, perhaps others get it from crime. The moment of excitementis the following years in prison worth for them. Some villains have to be lead by unreasonable optimism. The true villain never thinks he’s going to be caught. The future doesn’t exist for them.·Do you think a villain can be a likeable person?·Who is your favourite movie villain and why?Book: „The Third Man“- Graham GreeneMain Characters: Rollo Martins- author of western novels; Harry Lime- ex-schoolfriend, idol and racketeer (with cheap peniciline); Colonel Calloway- English police officer and narrator; Anna Schmidt- Hungarian actress and Lime’s girlfriend (Martins falls in love with her); Herr Koch- Lime’s caretaker and witness; Kurtz, Dr.Winkler, Cooler- Lime’s friendsPlot: Rollo Martins comes to Vienna after 2.WW (4 parts:US, Fr, GB, Rus) to visit old friend Harry Lime. When arriving, he finds out that Harry has been run over by a car and is dead.

At the funeral, Colonel Calloway tells him that Harry was the worst racketeer in Vienna. Martins starts his own inquiry with Kurtz. He explains the accident, but Martins is not satisfied- he thinks Harry was murdered. Then he talks to Schmidt, Cooler and Winkler, but he gets no information. At Lime’s apartment he meets Koch- did not give evidence, who says that there was a third man whom he couldn’t identify. He asks Kurtz who don’t know about the third man. Next day, Koch was murdered. Calloway informs Martins about Lime’s rackets. He gets disillusioned and disappointed. He tries to find the third man on his own. He visits Schmidt and tells her about Lime, gets drunk and after leaving her sees Lime who vanishes in a kiosk- so he tells Calloway. The kiosk is a door to a underground system which was used for smuggling. Knowing that Lime is alive, Martins makes an appointment with him at the Prater’s Wheel. He realizes that he has changed, that he uses and betrays people. Calloway finds out that there was somebody else in Lime’s coffin. Martins makes another appointment with Lime, but he realises a trap and escapes. The police and Martins follow him throught the underground system and in the end, Rollo shoots Harry.
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