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Life in the village - advantages and disadvantages
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Life in the village is quite different than life in the town. On the plus side, the life in the village is silent and less stressful than life in the city. You can go to the nature or forest, or you can go cycling or you can run on the field. If you are boring you can work in garden or you may make a signs in the field, you can fire the field, you may shot with your friends or you can play golf. You can do everything what you want because there is a lot of places to play and you are not limited with another people. The main advantage is that the parcels are not so expensive like in the town that means you may buy really large parcel for a good price.

But the life is not perfect and for every plus there is a minus. For one thing, you might have a large parcel but you must have a lot of energy to keep that parcel tidy, you can make everything you want but there are not social activities like cinemas, theatres, operas, parks, fountains or shopping centres (only activity is a club for pensioners). The shopping abilities are not so good like in the city and if you want really good goods you have to travel to the town. The next problem is travel. No every village has rail connection and the busses do not go very often. Last of all, the main problem is finding job. There is only few job opportunity usually occupied with local aborigines. In conclusion, I think living in the village has some advantages, but everything what has advantages has disadvantages to – life is … Some people may like the life there. The life does not depend from place you live but from the life you live. I prefer living in the satellites or in the village near town.
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