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My Future Plans
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My name is Linda, and I’m 19 years old. I still don’t have very clear idea about my future plans, but first of all I would like to successfully graduate from Gymnazium Vazovova in spring 2007, and the rest of my future will depend from it.

Of course I plan on to study very hard in next 9 months, and to achieve very good grades. I suppose it won’t be very stressful for me to get on university, as a result of my already running set-up. I would like to study English translation and interpretation at University of Konstantina Filozofa in Nitra, and European Studies or psychology at The University of Komensky in Bratislava. Although ‘maturita’, our school leaving examination, is the most important exam in a life of every high school student, I have few more goals I would like to achieve in a short term. If I will not get on University in Bratislava, I would like to go back to United States, and to try luck over there. I will probably look for some job, and after year or more, I would like to apply for a college in America. I think schools in US are way better and more fun than schools in Slovakia. Nevertheless there is at least one negative factor that can defeat my plan; I have to count with everything. True is, that colleges in United States are very expensive, even for students living in US, so I won’t say for sure if my plans will turn out right or not.

Because I am only 18 years old, it’s difficult to say what I’m going to do in 5 or 10 years. Everything what I’m going to type down, is what I expect myself to be doing. I would love to find my ‘Mr. Right’, get married, and settle down. I would like to have one or two kids and great job. Since I found out that people in Montana, USA are very nice, it would be great to raise my kids over there. I was an exchange student in Big Timber, MT, and I got very nice host family. Lucinda and Kevin are like my second parents. They have only child Lisette Faye, and since our first day together everyone calls us sisters. We love each other so much, and I can’t even imagine that I won’t see her at least for next 9 months. I’m so excited for her to come to Slovakia next summer. I made a lot of friends in Big Timber, and I plan to meet with some of them again in my future. I hope I will get there after I graduate from Gymnazium Vazovova, or at least in next two or three years from now. My new friends are awesome, and I miss them so much. Supposing all my short-term goals will turn out right, and then I can think about more plans into my future, whether they will or they won’t become true.

Considering time is going by so fast, I already have to plan my next summer. My little sister Lisette might come to Slovakia, and she will spend few months with my family and me. We are all excited for summer 2008, and I must plan great trips for us, before she will come. We may visit some castles, caves and Zoos all around Slovakia. I would like to take her camping and fishing. We also want to look in some of our National Parks, because I want to show her that our nature is beautiful, too. We will probably do some road trips, and I will introduce Lisette to our big family. She is very excited for riding in buses and trams, because in America they mostly drive cars or well-known yellow school buses. We will ride around Bratislava; visit Bratislava’s castle, the old town, few museums, and shop. We, girls, love to shop, and I can’t wait utill I will show her all my favorite shopping centers and boutiques. I cannot wait for Liz to come over. When I will find out the exact date, I will count down every minute. In brief one of my future plans is to manage an awesome summer for my foreign sister and myself.

Even though I had already said that I’m too young to think about future, I can say that everyone hopes in wonderful life, full of happy memories, and no problems, and I’m not any exception. I would rather think just about positive sides of life, because we live only once, and we have to fulfill our destiny. So, forget about yesterday, live today, welcome tomorrow, and plan your future! I plan to graduate from Gymnazium Vazovova this coming spring, and everything else will come out from it by itself, or with my little help. I believe in destiny in my future.
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