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My life dreams
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My life dreams

I live in Prešov where are many people with many professions, but the most frequented are shop – assistants, farmers, pilots, taxi driver, postmans, secretaries, architects, haidressers, artictists, teachers, doctors, …My present dreams are to finish secondary school successfuly. I want to go to university. The most of the Slovak universities are in Bratislava. That is why I want to study in Bratislava. I want to study a massmedia communication and publicity. There live many high educated people who work in government, banks, universities, ets.

Bratislava is the only town in Slovakia where are these special professions, for example a president, a primeminister, an ombudsman and the perliament with one hundret and fifty deputies. Also I will want to be between these people, too. I want to do interviews, articles and stories with these people. We have got many sportsmen : Karol Beck, Daniela Hantuchová... – and it is only sportsmen. And there are some Slovak musicians : Miro Jaroš, Marika Gombitová, ... and we have many politicians, too : Robert Fico, Zuzana Martináková, … I would do interviews with these people. It would be a very good job. I want to work in a radio and write to newspapers.

My next life dream is to find a boy and to found a family. The boy should be kind, thoroughful and devoted. He should know what to expect from life. I want to have two children, two boys. I want to have a big flat in the Sekčov. I want to have two cars. The first car for me and the second car for my goodman. I want to have beatiful life with my partner, children and my job and I want to be an old woman. This is my idea of my future. I hope these sentences are not only a dream, but they will become true in the future. It is a very beautiful life.
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