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Travelling in the past, present and the future
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Travelling has undergone many changes. With the development of human society and their needs to get from one place to another has developed travelling, too. Various inventions are closely attached to the development of travel techniques and methods. In the ancient times, people travelled on their own on foot. Later, people leant how to domesticate wild animals and used horses. But many years had to pass when the Sumerian wise men discovered wheel.

The wheel was a groundbreaking discovery. It was maybe the most useful invention. It served as base to chariots, wheelbarrows, cars and many other widely used equipment these days. People leant how to rule the seas and built ships. These were powered by wind, human power, and later steam engines and combustion engines. The Wright brothers developed the first useful plane in 1903. Since that time, the air traveling has become a perfect alternative for long-distance destinations. Nowadays, the traveling is well developed. Countries use sophisticated and high-tech ways to transport people and goods.

All kinds of transport are able to handle the large amount of travelers and offer full comfort. Most people travel to big cities to work or for business meetings, or to the seaside for holiday. In the future, we may witness the continuing development and refinement of traveling methods. The further research of space traveling may lead to interstellar or even intergalactical journeys. The big question for the scientist remains the possibility of teleportation. It could allow any matter to be transported with the speed of light. The development of transportation and traveling went hand-in-hand with people’s growing needs to go faster and further. World without transportation is unimaginable.

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