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TV: There are five Tv channels in Slovakia. One is state and four are private. TV Markíza is private TV. There are soap- operas, series, films, programms about music, sport and politics. The most famous programms on this TV channel are reality -shows (for example controverse Mojsejovci). Opinions about reality- shows are different- some people love them and some people hate them. The second private TV channel id TV Joj. there are game-shows, soap-operas, series, films, programmes about sport, politics and music. The most famou s programme may be The stars on ice , and very good serie Lost. STV is the state TV channel. There are films, documents, fairy- tales, soap-operas, series, music programmes and politics discutions. The most famou s programme on STV is singing competition- Superstar. This competition has just finished, but I´m sure it ist most famous programme in history of Slovak television. The other two TV channels are specialized. TA3 is specialized in news and Music Bow is specialized in music- there runs the videoclips all night and day. Of course, in Slovakia are many local TV channels.

Radio: There are lot of radio stations in Slovakia. Announcers inform about music, film, politic, sport, fun and things like that. The most famous radios in Slovakia are Slovak radio, Radio expres and Fun radio. The biggest announcer´s stars at the present tiem are in Fun Radio- Adela, Pyco, Sajfa and Bruno. There are lot of other radios- for example Radio Twist, radio Okey, Radio Lumen and regionals radios like Radio Zet, Radio B1 or N- Radio.

Press: A lot of newspapers and magazines are published in Slovakia. tehere are serious and tabloid newspapers and magazines. Serious newspapers are for ecample Sme, Pravda and magazines for women, men and girls like Emma, Eva, Bravo Girl and Brejk. There are favourute magazines like Kamarat, PC Revue and like that,which are specialized in music or computers. The most popular tabloid newspaper is Nový čas and magazines Plus 7 dní, Markíza. Althought in tabloid the information aren´t in many ways true, people believe them. People like affairs, celebritie´s private life and gossips.

Internet: The Internet is a good thing. There are the infos about celebrities, people in politics, films, prime ministers and there are a lot of important things for studenta and other people. You can write there with your friends, too. You can find there everything you want.

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