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A trip to London
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One day, when I had got up, i saw my birthday present. It was a flight ticket to London. I was very surprised. London was my dream and suddenly I had a chance to go to this wonderful city. I had phone to my friend and I told her, that I was going to go to London. I asked her, if she wanted to go with me. She agreed.I had packed my things and I went to the airport. My friend was waiting for me. Wer had got our flight numbers and we got on the plane. We were flying for two hours. When we came to london, we took uor things and went to the hoteläOn the first day, we had decided, that we would visit Big ben and yBockhingham palace. It was wonderful. We saw the river Themen, and we went on the Bog London Eye. It was funny, but i was a little afraid. From this attraction we saw a lot of London. On the second day we went to the big shopping center called Harrod´s. When we bought a few things, we realized, that we had spent a lot of money. We were poor! But my friend and her mum´s internetional credit card saved us! I know, we weren´t responsible, but in this shop were so many beautiful things!!! On the third day, we had decided, that we would sleep all the day in our comfortable hotel .It was great. We were only sleeping and eating. On the fourth day was the last day in city. We were only walking through the city and we were a little crying, that we were in the ebd of that trip. We bought some souvenirs and we got back to the hotelWhen we sat in the plane, we were sad, but we were looking forward to home. We will remember this trip forever!
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