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Traffic in Slovakia
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The main problem of traffic in Slovakia is, that we have a few motorways. For example, in the east of Slovakia,there are few short motorways and the people aren´t satisfied. In the west of Slovakia the situation with motorways is better, but they don´t reach the standard of European Union. In the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, there is heavy traffic, and around three or four o´clock there is a rush hour. There are a lot of cars and the city public transport, so there is high level of air pollution.Bou in our region, Orava, isn´t city public transport. there aren´t motorways, too. But there is heavy traffic, because there are a lot of lorries which go to and from Poland. We have only main roads, and they are narrow and broken. Lorry drivers and car drivers drive at a high speed so there are a lot of accidents. The speed limit in tons and villages is 60 km per hour, and in some zones there is only 40 km per hour. Howewer,nor every person has a car, so people use public transports- trains, buses or taxis and bycicles. But trains and buses aren´t comfortable. You must stand at the bus stop or shelter, in winter is cold, and the trains are slow. They stop in every willage. People are laty, they prefer their own cars and taking taxis to waiting for public transport. But some old peoples you can see cycling at the main road! Don´t be surprised, there are lot of old people,who don´t have any car or they aren´t able to drive their own cars. Luckily, in the region Orava isn´t too high level of air pollution, because we have a lot of forests, trees and pretty nature. But the number of cars are going up and we can destroy this wonderful nature.
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