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Letter to Newspaper

Dear Editor,

I’m interested in labor opportunities in Bratislava, our capital city. Nevertheless, the various statistics show that those people with higher or university education have a better chance of finding a job. Education is sometimes very expensive, so everything depends on our earnings.

And what about people who don’t have enough money and they haven’t finish any higher education? Do they have the same opportunities as an educated people? Anything is possible in today’s society therefore working does not mean to have a job forever. Unemployment is not only an issue of developing countries.

I think, it is an issue of economic situation as well; despite the fact which government says, that the standard of living is decreasing. It is very important to mention, that to find a job in Slovakia is not that easy as one would think. Young people can’t even afford to live in a small flat by themselves. They have to live in their parents’ house, with other relatives or friends. Expenses for living are very high, and if they can’t find the right job, in which they would earn enough money, they try to live together and share the most of their expenses. On the other side they are forced to look for new jobs because as time is passing by, they are becoming redundant, as they are getting older.

Although finding a new job may be difficult, they try their best. They need money as well as happiness.Some unemployed people are registered at an agency of unemployment.

Idea of my whole writing is to recommend you to advert jobs offers in your newspapers, because it is the easiest way of finding a job.Please note that unemployment is something that can happen to each of us since our place in the economic system is not stable. I am looking forward to read about these current problems from your newspaper.

Yours faithfully,

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