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Julius Caesar Biography
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The need in the latter sphere was a solution which would introduce such elements of authoritarianism as were necessary to check corruption and administrative weakness.
Caesar’s first dictatorship was simply a commission to enable him to hold elections in the absence of the consuls of the year who were with Pompey, but after the news of Pharsalus, Caesar was created dictator again; after Tapsus he was made dictator for ten years and in the winter of 45 BC he was appointed perpetual dictator. When Caesar was out of Italy after 49 BC real power lay in the hands of his representatives. When he was dictator the most important of these representatives was his “master of the horse”. This
representative was Mark Antony. Much resentment was felt by prominent senators like Cicero on account of the great power and influence of such against of Caesar. Caesar’s military dominance was established beyond the possibility of successful challenge, the senate gave him a profusion of personal honors which were out of keeping with Roman tradition, reflecting as they did the extravagant distinctions accorded earlier to the Hellenistic kings. The month of July was named after Caesar and his statue was placed in the temple of Quirinus.
Caesar was considered to be a dictator for life. According to the traditional Republican constitution this office was only to be held for six months during a dire emergency. Caesar also obtained honors to increase his prestige. He wore the robe, crown, and scepter of a triumphant general and used the title imperator. He was also in command of the armies. Caesar used his dictatorship and used it to increase his power. With all of his powers he was pretty much the king of Rome. Mark Antony was his major supporter and he helped convince the others to allow Caesar to have these abilities, but it led to some problems.
A group of conspirators had been formed against Caesar because they felt that he had too much power and that if he became the king of Rome he would become corrupt and use his powers to create a bad society. The senate resented his actual position that was shown in the sixty member conspiracy which Marcus Brutus had organized to kill him. On the Ides of March , two days before he was due to leave Rome on his great eastern expedition, he was stabbed to death at a meeting of the senate in Pompey’s new theater. He fell dead at the foot of Pompey’s statue. Pompey was avenged, as well as Bibulus and Cato. After a provocative funeral oration by Mark Antony, Caesar’s body was burned by the mob in the forum. When at the games in his honor the following July a comet appeared and it was regarded as evidence of his godhead and he was formally consecrated and “divus Julius,” or divine Julius.
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