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Bowler's diary
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Date:Thursday 21st January, 1900 ´

I woke up at quarter past six. I was very tired, but I had to go to school. The weather was very foul. I stoot up and put my clothing on. I went to the kitchen fo breakfast. Everywhere, it was dark because there wasn’t electricity. I have aeten breakfast and packed my things into the schoolbag. Then I went to the bathroom and cleaned my teeth. There wasn’t any toothpaste also I must clean my teeth only with water. Then I have farewelled with my parents, taken my schoolbag and I went to school. But suddenly it started to rain. I must return and go for an umbrella. Directly, as I came to school, it stopped to rain. As first we had chemistry. I hated the chemistry teacher. At half past one I gone with friends to lunch. The lunch was very disgusting today. After lunch I went with my friend to home. We sat some time on a bench and we discussed about some books. Then we went to home. We lived both not so far from school because it was no busses or trams. We must go by foot. As I came home I made quickly my homework and learned for the next day because it was early dark and it was no electric light – only candels. At five o’clock came my father from work and we played some games together because it was no television or computers. Than we had dinner and after dinner we went to bed.
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