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Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. You can find many historical buildings and places there. Most famous places are: The Bratislava’s castle, The SNP Bridge with café “ufo”, Martin’s doom and Michael’s gate. On the Bratislava’s castle you can find a historical museum with many historical things and facts.
When you are already tired, you can visit the “ufo” restaurant on SNP Bridge. It is very nice restaurant, but first you must use very long and fast lift.
Later you can visit Martin’s doom. It is very old church. On the roof of this church is a golden crown because the Maria Terezia was coroneted there. The crown is very big with a radius of one and half meter.
The next famous historical building is the Michael’s gate. Under the gate is a street where you can buy many interesting things.

Bratislava is a small city, only 450 000 inhabitants live here, but is located very good because from Bratislava it is near to Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic. Before hundred years was Bratislava an international city while people lived in Bratislava spoke three languages. It was Slovak, German and Hungarian.Very important moments in Bratislava’s history were the first and the Second World War. After Second World War came to Bratislava many people from Slovak villages, were built many new houses so the city becomes bigger and bigger. I think, that was very important moment in Bratislava’s history.

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